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Settlers of Catan: Base Game - House and Quick Rules

Board Setup

  1. Setup the game board by placing hex tiles randomly inside the 3-4 or 5-6 player borders
  2. Randomly place number chits on all of the hex tiles except the desert, and ensuring that no 6 or 8 numbered chits are within 1 hex of each other
  3. Randomly place harbors face down on the outside of game board
  4. Roll a die to determine starting player
  5. In clockwise order starting with the 1st player, each player places their 1st settlement & road
  6. In counter-clockwise order starting with the last player, each player places their 2nd settlement & road
  7. Each player takes resources from the bank for their 2nd settlement only

Special Rules

  • You can break an opponents road by building a settlement or a knight on an open intersection along his/her road
  • If, after a longest road is broken, players tie for longest road or no one has a 5+ segment road, then the “Longest Road” card is set aside until someone qualifies for it

House Rules

  • A player may build past an opponents settlement or city
  • When a road meets a harbor, flip the harbor chit face up to reveal the hidden harbor type

Turn Phases

Resource Production Phase (in order)

  1. Active player may play a development card (only 1 card per turn may be played)
  2. Roll the dice
  3. If a 7 is rolled
  4. If any player has more than 7 resource cards in their hand, they must discard down to half rounded down
  5. Must move robber to a new hex
  6. Active player steals 1 random resource card from an opponent with a settlement or city on the new hex
  7. Resources are produced for all players

Active Player Builds or Trades Phase (in any order)

  • Play a development card (unless development card was already played this turn)
  • Build roads, settlements, cities, or buy development cards
  • Trade resources with other players or the bank
    • May not trade like resources (i.e., 2 for 1 wood) with another player
    • May not give away any cards
    • May not trade progress cards

End of Turn Phase

  • If the active player has 10 victory points, the active player wins and the game is over
  • Pass the dice to the next player clockwise
  • Once you pass the dice your turn is over

Special Building Phase (5-6 Players Only)

  • Opponents may only build anything with resources
  • Conflicts are resolved by player order, clockwise
  • May not trade with anyone or the bank
  • May not play development cards