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Thurn & Taxis: all Roads lead to Rome

Game Description

This 2nd expansion for Thurn and Taxis is actually two in one!
In Audience, each player sends 5 clergyman to attend an audience with the Pope in Rome. The players endeavor to make certain the carriages with the clergyman arrive, but not too early! A player who arranges for his cardinal to arrive at just the right time will score more points than the player who manages the same with a simple priest.

In Offices of Honor, the players try to use the office holders as evenly as possible, in order to receive different office tiles. The more different tiles a player can return at one time, the greater benefits he receives.

All Roads lead to Rome« contains two expansions.  Whether you play Audience or Offices of Honor or both together with Thurn and Taxis, they will take you and the game to a new dimension.