Dimwits in the Forest

posted Jun 12, 2010, 6:18 AM by Mike Hill   [ updated Jun 15, 2010, 6:44 AM ]
There I (Lutgher) was riding through the forest on my War Pony heading to the nearest town to get more supplies, since I was running low on food.  I passed a raggedy and ill equiped looking bunch of adventurers and hastily kept my pace on the horse path.  Several minutes later I spotted a wolf that I thought would make a good dinner tonight.  I shot by bow at him and found he was a bit more aware of his danger that I had anticipated, and missed him. 
He took off running and I chased him down, only to find that he was a pet to the lowly adventurers I had passed earlier.  They looked pathetic, and really didn't seem at all equipped enought to be out here in this dangerous forest.  I struck up a conversation with them, and since I am on a mission to help someone (or a group of someones) out on a quest I joined forces with them.
I really wan't paying much attention to their blabbery, but I put together that one of their own had been taken against his will and they were now searching for him.  We ended up at some sort of temple where they immediately left me for dead in the front of the pack in a narrow hallway...oh and a mummy was attacking me.  After the initial shock wore off I realized my plight and started to fight the mummy all by myself.  Thankfully the dimwits behind me knew lots of ways to keep me alive while I took the brunt of the fight.  I eventually worked my way backwards and got the mummy in a bigger room so that more of us could fight it.
They seemed reluctant.
Eventually the mummy succumed to my devastating attacks.  If I didn't have the need to complete my quest, I probably would have left these dimwits to themselves to find their friend.  They better step up or we are gonna have some words.