Orcs and Hobgoblins, Ugh

posted Jun 15, 2010, 6:17 AM by Mike Hill   [ updated Jun 15, 2010, 6:42 AM ]
It seems that my (Lutgher) quest has squarely supplanted me within a crazy world.  We have Hobgoblins and Bugbears that are helping to further demonic a half-orc, who by the way is apparently a member of this crazy little adventuring party.  I hate to admit it, but I kinda like the half-orc, ole whats his name.  He has some wit about him and seems to be only one of few in this group that can make a decision (although he can't seem to hit a bugbear).
We had just got done with the mummy on the upper level when we heard some fighting rucuss from the basement.  We headed down stairs to find ourselves in the mix of 20 or so hobgoblins and a bugbear.  The bugbear was kind enough to invite us to be completely surrounded.  We obliged, and I obliged because I wanted to kill some hobgoblins.  As I approached the altar I saw a half-org laying there with one eye.  I knew this had to be our long lost half-orc we were searching out.
Apparently the half-orc had just undergone some Grummish ritual, and now we all had to fight our way out.  Fine with me.  Standing right next to me was a shiny, at least masterwork and perhaps magical, chain shirt that was being worn by a hobgoblin wielding a shield and longsword.  I swung my plane Jane Urgrosh and took him out in one blow.  I just scored a new chain shirt :).
Moments later our half-dragon friend breathed a nasty belch of breath and took out all of the lowly minions.  Then the stupid magic wielders (our opponents) started getting trigger happy and fried me with a fireball.  I was a little wobbly at first, but I found this new belt I had really makes me feel better during the worst of times.  Then the weakling druid went off to see Moradin, and didn't come back.
The next minute or so was a blur as we successfully defeated all but the bugbear, who was hard to hit (I suppose I'll give the half-orc some credit for missing).  I hit him several times but appeared to do no damage.  Eventually the half-orc hit the bugbear for some significant damage and the bugbear saidsomething like, "About time", and disappeared.
We searched all of the bodies and found lots of cool things, took it all back to town and then traded it all in for gold.  I like gold, although platinum is better.  We also found a druid in the forest and had our druid friend reincarnated...as...a...half-orc of all things.  This is a crazy group.
We then went on a side jaunt to Orc Home so the half-orc barbarian could be rubbed in all the right directions, and then went on a futile search for Marta the dwarf (silly name for a dwarf, but I heard of her before).  We ended up in a human city call Mud something, and there we talked to a cleric to find out if Marta was really the person we needed to find.  Apparently we don't have to go search her out, as everything we need should fall right into our laps by week's end.
I just hope we get to kill more hobgoblins soon (apparently orcs are my friends temporarily), and I wouldn't mind going up against an Ogre soon just to see how I fare.
Oh, one last note, during our travels I started teaching the barbarian half-orc how to use a double weapon.  He took to it nicely, and I must say that I'm almost size envious of the freaking huge double axe he is now wielding.  Nice weapon.