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Dragonlance Age of Mortals


A d20 (Dungeons and Dragons v3.5) pen and paper role-playing game (RPG) campaign from the Dragonlance Age of Mortals modules (Key of Destiny, Spectre of Sorrows, and Price of Courage) produced by Sovereign press, and is 100% module driven.  A synopsis of the world events leading up to this campaign (spoilers for those who have not read the Age of Mortals book series) can be found here:  An overview of the continent Ansalon on Krynn (where this campagn is run) can be found here:

The GM, Players, and Characters

Dragonlance Age of Mortals is GM'd Mike H. 


The adventure starts in a little town called Pashin.  There the players will learn about the Key of Destiny and begin to understand that they have a destiny to fulfill.  Through this 3 book module series they will truly become heroes in the Age of Mortals.
Key of Destiny is the first part of a heroic Dragonlance adventure campaign that crossess Anasalon from coast to coast.  While the world is still readjusting to the death of the Dragon Overlords an the return of the gods, the characters find themselves embroiled in events that will shape the world to come.  And it all begins with a tiiny, unassuming music box.