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Supernatural - Tentacles


A d20 (Star Wars Saga Edition and Spycraft 2.0) pen and paper role-playing game (RPG) campaign that is loosely based on the Supernatural television series setting, and is 100% created content for scenarios and modules. Mike is the game master (GM) for this campaign.

The GM, Players, and Characters

Supernatural is GM'd by Mike H. and the GM area can be found here.





You and your friends are on a vacation trip that you have planned for years. You all have shared a deep interest in ancient civilizations and generic historical lore for many years, and you have decided to partake in an expensive expedition to multiple Mayan temples, and ruined cities both on and off the beaten path. The expedition consists of twenty tourists and five tour guides for a period of four weeks.

Roughly three weeks into your expedition you are excited to reach the latest to be toured ruined city of Copan in the extreme western part of Honduras. There was a recent discovery in a new tunnel dug at Copan. Because you paid for a serious expedition, you and your expedition mates are allowed to partake in excavating a small part of the new tunnel for two days.

House Rules


Season 1, Tentacle of Madness

The Tentacle of Madness will take the new investigators through their first encounters with many different supernatural events. Named Tentacle of Madness to represent the insanity and unbelievable things they will experience, witness, and come to grips.

 Season 2, Tentacle of Blood

The Tentacle of Blood will take the investigators to new heights in understanding how their very own lives and geneology are shaping the mystical supernatural world.  They will encounter supernatural beings that have a history with the investigators very own family members, and will quickly learn that many things have pushed the investigators to this level of supernatural understanding.

Tentacle of Blood Stories

Season 3, Tentacle of Power

The Tentacle of Power will bring the investigators to the brink of anihliation as they face the most powerful supernatural beings on the planet.  Season 3, Tentacle of Power is the climax and ultimate ending of this supernatural story.

Tentacle of Power Stories