Season 1.3 Madness of Dreams


The Org has provided a new assignment in Europe. The assignment is to travel to Avignon, France and investigate suspect activities. The activities are a rash of killings during the night hours in the Rocher des Doms area and other inside the wall and outside wall parks by some unknown animal, presumed a wolf or bear.

Vern has had some serious nightmares over the past few days while the rest of the team has done more research on the house and the cause of the “haunting”. Jason started having nightmares as soon as he finished deciphering the Incantations of Thandurthi.

The nightmares will spread to the entire team while they prepare for their next assignment provided by The Org.

Pre Session Activities – IGD: 09/16/07

Both Jayson and Vern had some wicked dreams.

Vern's Nightmares

Jayson's Nightmares

Session 1: 11/07/07 – IGD: 09/17/07

The PCs continued to do some research on the haunted house in Zaragoza, Spain.

Session 1: 11/07/07 – IGD: 09/18/07

The PCs spent the night in the home in Zaragoza, Spain.

Session 1: 11/07/07 – IGD: 09/19/07

Reported to the Org via email on the Zaragoza, Spain house:

  • Found an anterior room in the basement of the home
  • Glowing symbols on the floor of the anterior room
  • Paranormal activity found
  • Electro Magnetic (EM) sensors went nuts
  • Sound listening device picked up all types of interference
  • Felt and saw spirit like presences
  • Asked the Org to purchase the house (yes)
  • Asked the Org to purchase a drug sniffer for Vern (yes) (to arrive 9/24)
  • Provided information on the history of the house

Did not report to the Org:

  • Scroll
  • Tome

Session 1: 11/07/07 – IGD: 09/20/07

Arrived in Avignon, France.

Researched the reported killings:

  • Palace of the Popes
    • 2 murders/killings
    • Rocher Des Doms
  • Local Parks
    • 15 other killings in other parks
    • All at night
    • One park had five killings there (for other information see Board Notes
  • Started January 2007
  • Red line passes near or through the Avignon City
  • No eye witnesses
  • Jackal sounding
  • Human screams
  • History in Board Notes

You visited the park with the most killings. You found a skull fragment and a claw stuck in a tree (see Board Notes). That night you encountered what was doing the killing…gargoyles.

Board Notes from Session 1:

Session 2: 11/28/07 – IGD: 09/21/07

In the early morning hours of 9/21 you encountered the gargoyles in the park (a cemetery attached to the park) and an apparent “demon” for lack of better words. There was also a female captor at the park, but the events of the evening showed that the captor may not have really been there at all. Perhaps it was a trap laid out by the demon. The demon disappeared into a “portal” prior to you being able to kill it. You dispatched the gargoyles.


You finished up at the park and went to your hotel and crashed/nursed wounds for the day.

Casey started reading the tome (to be finished on 10/20)

Vern started reading the tome (to be finished on 9/27)

Session 2: 11/28/07 – IGD: 09/22/07

Performed research:

  • Determined that the haunting in Zaragoza, Spain 50 days ago correlated to one of the killing dates.
  • Gargoyles are from the palace and are missing the next day (fact)
  • Cold Iron (wrought Iron) defeats some damage reduction.
  • Need to find an incantation to bless your weapons
  • Need Jayson to roll a GPS programming check to determine if all of the floor plans contained in the scroll match up to locations identified on the globe where you have plotted out all of the colored “power” lines. The do match up and the globe was purchased and colored string attached with stick pins were intertwined on the globe.
  • The scrolls floor plans each have an anterior room showed on the page, and a number of the “power” lines intersect in each of the anterior rooms.

Reported to the Org via email on the Zaragoza, Spain house:

  • Gargoyles attacked the humans
  • A grayish reddish beast was present with the Gargoyles. (Org response: “Demon”)
    • Top horn with big teeth
    • Able to turn invisible
    • The demon might have summoned the “clouds of darkness”
    • Think the demon is electrical resistance since it was not affected by the taser
    • The demon might have shape shifted from the female to the demonoid form (Org response: Never seen it, but multiple reports lead them to believe that they can shape shift.
    • This demon is easy to hit, but very hard to hurt (Org response: They have damage reduction. This particular demon requires blessed or wrought iron based weapons to deal good damage.
  • Asked Org what can command gargoyles? (Org response: Demons).
  • How can we get rid of the “clouds of darkness”? (Org response: Unknown).
  • Sending the claw to the Org
  • Completed the Avignon Mission (5th level mission) and received 5,000 experience and $1,000 each.

Session 2: 11/28/07 – IGD: 09/23/07

Casey’s Account of events:

I decipher a passage from the book – Vern thinks he can make it work.

2-0 tells us that he had a nightmare about studying the book, then floating off the ground inside a room. He hits his head on the ceiling and can move around by grabbing things. The room gets smaller and smaller, and he gets crushed by the room. He thinks the book has power and if we read the book, we can cast spells that are in it. One of the spells in it matches Vern’s problems, and he thinks it will help.

Vern talks about his nightmares from the last 4 nights – last night he saw a lady come down stairs in the house from before and turned on a flashlight and her name came to him, “Mandy C..” from the dig, and her essence got put into a glass globe and was chained to Vern’s essence and swirled with a mist, and there was an evil dude that sucks the life out of babies to replenish himself.

We find out Mandy is on assignment in Zaragosa doing recon work, and showed up on 9/22 at the house there. We get her cell phone number. We call and get voice mail, Vern thinks she sounds HOT. He leaves a message to call him back.
2-0 tries and fails to create a GPS program that tracks where the lines are so we know when we are getting close to one.
Mandy calls back 30 minutes later at 8pm, and says that yes, weird stuff has been happening and she got attacked. (2 shadowy looking creatures) Then a whirlwind of air was speaking (had a bodily form) “Opprimo necto anima”. Vern says something like that happened to him to and he feels bad – she says she feels off. She went to buy the house for the ORG so she has access to it. She got really freaked out and Vern offered for us to come help out.

We leave for the house. We get to the house and go downstairs. Vern figures out that he was seeing in his dream through the globe. About 11pm. Mandy says she got attacked at around 2am yesterday.

I take Mandy upstairs to comfort her. I come down into the basement after a couple of minutes. The hair stands up on my neck and I think that there is something cool but scary down here. I see a glowing circle on the floor, but no one else sees it. Kristin tells me about some acid trip she was on and floating in the air.

I check out the panel that opens like it did before (however that was). I look in and see a book! I reach for the book, as Vern yells, NOOOOO! As I pull the book out, I get pricked by a needle, poking me several times. I open the book and the pages look blank. A few seconds later, words swim up out of the pages to appear. I start reading it.

Bobby heads upstairs. He hears a slight chain rattle and wind change. He drops to a crouch and whispers “He’s back!” Vern drops to one knee with the other book and says “oh, crap!”

“Who’s back?” I ask, and keep reading. Doc pulls a weapon and heads upstairs. I get accosted by shadow. Two of them come out of the corners of the room and attack me. I scream like a little girl for Bobby, and I feel weaker. Kristin tasers one of them and it reacts as though it was hurt by it.

I pull out my taser and try to stun the thing, but I miss it. From upstairs, Evan calls out that he sees the “air guy”. Evan shoots at it and misses. The shadow guys fade back into the corners. Kristin tells me that if I still see the circle I should be careful with no one else down here, then leaves. Great.

Evan sees a round portal open up and the air guy steps through and at the same time, I see something appear (the air guy) in the circle and he blasts me and Vern with a gust of air, and we both get hurt with flying debris. The thing points at me and says “Give me the tome” in English.

There are two glass globes on a chained on a belt that the air guy is wearing around it’s waist. The globes are circling in a binary fashion. Bobby shoots at the guy and hits it in the belt, the chain sparks. I run past it and up the stairs behind Bobby.

Vern hits one of the globes with the butt of his taser, and shatters it. A puff of smoke explodes out from it and clouds in the air. He starts reading from the book and chanting, and all the smoke in the air gets sucked into Vern’s body. Vern yowls.

Evan comes down the stairs in front of Bobby and shoots at the wispy guy and hits it. The shadows come out around me, attacking me and Kristin and both miss. Kristin tasers one and it explodes and rains shadow bits down onto the floor, then tasers the other one.

The air guy points at Vern and says “That one will do, too” and hits him but does not hurt him. Bobby shoots and hits the remaining globe, and it breaks, another puff of smoke exploding from it.

I try to taser the shadow, but fail miserably. Vern chants again, and the smoky air sifts up through the ceiling of the basement, then Vern starts drooling. The air guy howls in frustration.

Evan shoots at the air guy and hits it twice. The shadow hits me twice and I fall to the floor, collapsing under the weight of my clothes. The air guy opens another door and steps through. Bobby tasers the shadow and it exlopdes.
Vern feels better, but still stupid, as does Mandy, except for the stupid part. Bobby helps me upstairs. We take Mandy back to her hotel, where we got rooms earlier and left 2-0.

Vern goes to bed, and I start reading through the book I found, and the book grows legs from each corner, moves a little ways away from me and sits back down on the table! I yell out that the book moved, but no one else saw it move. They’re obviously all hallucinating, and they are ruining my concentration. I play along and yawn, and we decide to go to bed.

We have a brief discussion about where the books go, and the one I found stays in my room with me. After they leave, I get the book back out and read some more. This time the book doesn’t move (I figured it was them) and I discern that the book I found has three sections, similar to the other book, but it looks like it is different sections than the other one.
We meet for breakfast and I explain to them that they were ruining my concentration so I kept the book to read it some more. I tell them about the differences that I found.

We go back to the house and I convince Mandy to stay upstairs while we rummage around again. I take a closer look at the circle and I recognize it as (TBD). We find nothing in the alcove. At 4:09 am on the 25th, I step into the circle – Kristin screams “I told you not to go in there without the rope!” but I don’t hear her and she tries to grab me as I go in.
I have a vision of a small room with an ornately-carved wooden desk in it. A regal-looking, but withered old man sits behind it, and he wears a vest that has 4 chains attached to it and 4 small children kneeling on the floor attached to the other ends of the chains. The man looks extremely unhappy and the image of the man repulses me. The air guy is there in the room as well, and the chain he wears around his waist has no globes on it, and they appear to be having an agitated conversation.

On top of the desk are three candles, one on either end and one in the front, and it looks like the candles have been replaced many, many times, as a waterfall of wax flows down from each one all the way down to the floor. As I watch, the children whimper and topple to the floor, and the man sitting at the desk appears to rejuvenate, which for some reason no longer repulses me, and in fact, makes me think he is pretty cool. Then I come out of the vision to Kristin tackling me.

To everyone else, we both froze in mid-stride during the length of our visions. Kristin had the same vision. I look back and the circle is gone.

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