Jayson's Nightmares

Jason’s nightmares are centered on the apparent raw power that he now can control through the three incantations he now understands in the Thandurthi tome.

The first nightmare:

The tome of the Incantation of Thandurthi lays open before you on an old wooden table.  You feel a surge of power, a power much like adrenaline, as it rushes through your entire body as you tap into the power of the earth.  As the power rushes through you, you see yellow light emanating from the ground where you are standing and it envelops your entire body.  Your senses become overloaded as you hear nothing but static, feel nothing but a thousand needles poking at your flesh, smell nothing but sulfur, taste nothing but salt, and see nothing but the yellow power surrounding you.  And then the barrage to your senses abruptly ends.

You look around the non-descript room you are within, there are no pictures or ornamentation on the walls.  The walls are made of something because they are there, but you cannot determine what they are made from.  The floor and ceilings are of the same material as the walls.  Nothing else is in this spacious room.  Light is coming from some source, but you cannot pinpoint from where.

Slowly you realize that your body has taken a slight shock from what you read aloud from the tome as your feel somewhat numb mentally.  Other than being a little foggy, you feel fine.  In fact you feel terrific, as if you were floating on air.  Looking down at the floor you realize that you are indeed floating!  You bump your head on the ceiling.  Grasping along the ceiling you realize you can pull yourself towards a wall, but you cannot move other than up or down without something to propel you.

 “Wait, weren’t the walls farther apart before, and the room seems shorter,” you exclaim aloud.  A few minutes later you begin to panic as the walls are truly closing in upon you.  Your head and feet both touch the ceiling and floor at the same time.  The walls are only a few feet away, and now you can touch opposite walls at the same time with your outstretched hands.

Moments later you must crouch as the cube of a room continues to close in upon you, “Help!  What do I do?  Someone help me!”  You cannot squeeze yourself, your limbs, any closer to your core.  Breath begins to be pushed from your lungs as the walls, ceiling, and floor begin to crush you.  The stress of your limbs being twisted in all the wrong ways begins to take its toll as pain in all of your joints and muscles becomes excruciating.  Panic consumes you.

You hear a loud crack as pain erupts in your horribly twisted leg, moments later you hear cracking coming from all parts of your body.  Thankfully you go into shock an no longer feel the pain, but your brain is still working as you realize that you cannot breathe, cannot move, and will die within seconds. 

Darkness envelopes you…