Season 1.4 The Orb of the Double Sight


On 9/24/07 (current game date) the Org posted to the website a new series of missions in Europe up for grabs. Mandy Shultheiss is interested in continuing her solo missions for the Org, and selected the mission in Moscow, Russia. Mandy really enjoys the company of you all, but she likes the money more than the company right now. Solo missions pay more, and she is willing to take the risk on her own. She did say that she will keep in closer contact with Evan, *wink, wink*, since he and the rest of you bailed her out in Spain. She is highly appreciative, and will not forget how well you helped out. She feels that you all are somewhat of a safety net for her, and if she needs you to help out on future missions…she will share the cash reward appropriate to the level of help.

The remaining mission in Europe is to seek out and collect the “Orb of Double Sight”. The orb is a two part artifact that they believe they have finally found both pieces. The Org believes that the Orb is a “crystal ball” with an added twist. The crystal ball is inert without the second piece. The second piece is a periapt in the shape of an eye, also inert without the crystal ball. They warn that the periapt should never come into contact with the “crystal ball” or the artifact will activate.

The “crystal ball” is easily recovered through means of barter/purchase with the owner of the Orb. The owner of the Orb is located in Kyyiv (Kiev), Ukrane, and his name is Alush Feus. Alush is an avid collector of antiquities, and has his own shop. The collector is not aware of its theoretical supernatural powers, and is asking $20,000 Euro.

Session 1: 1/23/08 – IGD: 09/24/07

  • Casey begins reading the 2nd tome of the Incantations of Thandurthi and will finish it on October 16th.
  • Kristen begins studying the Censer of the Catholic Crusades and will finish it on October 9th.
  • Bobby begins studying the Incantations of Thandurthi, book 1 and will finish it on October 15th.
  • Evan begins studying the Tome of Worldly Memory and will finish it on September 25th.
  • Kristen begins studying the Tome of Worldly Memory and will finish it on September 25th.

JC tries to make a GPS of the lines again and finally succeeds.

As told from the eyes of Casey Brentwood:
We report back to the ORG. They give us no real answers. But they do give us more money, so I guess that’s something.
They have a couple of new missions, one which Mandy gets the hots for, and the other one which is searching for an orb and an eye-thing. The Orb of Double-Sight. A quest, in two parts.

We hop a plane to Kiev. Hope their chicken tastes good. Doc says that some “commie bastard” has the crystal ball part. His name is Aloush. We head to the Odeus Store. On the way, we get pulled over by two police officers. He asks Bobby to step out of the car and give him his license and registration. Then asks if anyone speaks Russian. Evan tells him something.

Bobby complies. And Evan gets out as well. Kristin seems anxious. The cop says that Bobby made several lane changes without signaling. Doc tells him that we are new to the area (DUR) and blah blah blah something about platitudes.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse, we have to do a breathalyzer test. Then the nazi bastard tells us to be quiet. Doc says he is jacking with us. I get out of the car and try to impress upon the cops that we are too important to deal with this crap and that we need to go on our way. The other cop puts his hand on his gun.

Doc starts talking to the cop again. He obviously was not impressed and forces Bobby to take the test. Bobby takes the test and it registers as if he is drunk. Doc is enraged and tries to tell them that there is no way that Bobby is drunk.
The other cop seems to be impressed with me and tells the first one that we should just pay the fine and go. They prefer Euros (400 HRV = 53 EUR). We give them a 100 EURO note and ask for a receipt and the commie bastards refuse. Officers Akif Mavlovski and Kolja Juvanec. Doc feeds them a line of crap – more platitudes. We get back in the car and they back up and leave. I get the license plate number on their way out (TBD).

We get back on our way and 5 minutes later we pass another car that has been pulled over. I flip them off through the sun roof.

We get to the Odeus Store. It is a brick-and-mortar store – literally. The glass has wire mesh reinforcing it and a cage in front of the windows. We all enter. A little short balding white-haired guy is behind the counter reading a thick book. He welcomes us in Russian, but does speak broken English. Doc blurts out that we’re here for the orb, dude! Subtle. He says he has the orb, but wants the cash. Kristin whips out the account information.

Kristin asks if we can see the orb while the transfer is happening. He agrees to show us the crystal if we have the transaction code. He goes behind the counter and opens a closet and gets the orb out. I try to see what else is in there but he shuts the door, so I decide to look behind the counter and he comes back out.

He unwraps the ball as Kristin asks how he got it. He feeds us a line of crap. We all look at it and it appears to be the real thing. Kristin asks if he has any sextants and he does not but he sold one six months ago. Kristin asks him if he will contact the buyer and ask the buyer to contact her and gives him her information. He tells her the buyer was a white man. The seller of the orb was a 50-60 year old handsome female who spoke English with a European accent. Kristin also asks the same of the seller.

I look around to see if there’s anything of interest, but don’t find anything. This store sucks.

Kristin gets all excited because she found a very nice censer. He wants 2500 EUR for it, as it was used in the Roman Catholic church and is still sought after because it was stolen. He says there is a reward for it’s return, but he won’t give it to the church because it’s his and he would rather have someone relish it. Kristin and I purchase it together. Doc finds the “Tome of Worldly Memory”. That piques my interest a bit. It’s more than a thousand years old, written in Russian, and he wants 1500 EUR for it. Doc buys it. I guess this store doesn’t suck so much after all.

We contact ORG to inform we have orb. They say that they are close to discerning how to find the periapt. They think it’s in Romania (NOT POLAND). Somewhere in the Caspian mountains.

Board Notes from Session 1:

Documentation: Incantations of Thandurthi, Book 2

Artifact, Minor: Orb of the Double Sight (set of items)

Artifact, Minor: Periapt of the Double Sight (set of items)

Documentation: Tome of Worldly Memory

Artifact, Minor: Censer of the Catholic Crusades

Artifact, Minor: Lay Line GPS

Session 2: 2/20/08 – IGD: 09/24/07

As told from the eyes of Casey Brentwood:
I start studying the book I found, Kristin studies the Censer of Catholic Crusades, and Bobby studies book 1, Doc studies the Tome of Worldly Memory. Apparently, Doc can’t read. We go to bed.

Session 2: 2/20/08 – IGD: 09/25/07

Doc tries figuring out the Tome again, and succeeds this time (osmosis works!). He says that the book is getting warm, and that the pages are gooey. Um… yeah.

2-0 contacts ORG, ORG says we need to fly to Bucharest and train/drive to Brasov to the Black Church. They believe that tomes there may lead to the location of the periapt from the 2xI Orb. I call Gigi and ask her if she can find anything out about the Black Church. She calls back and tells me that there’s a music festival going on at the Black Church now, and that if she finds more out she’ll call me back.

Vern decides to stay in Kiev. He’s been getting too spooked, so he has parted ways with us, and Kristin cries. He tells us that he’s going to go home.

We fly to Bucharest. At 1pm we get to the airport in Kiev. I study my tome on the plane. At 8pm we get to the train station in Bucharest. I ask Doc if I can read his book, but it’s too much for me to deal with while reading my own book – I start to notice people from the corner of my eye, but no one is there. No one else sees them, so they’re obviously blind. Kristin asks to read it and she finishes in 2 hours. At 11pm we arrive in Brasov. A concert is going on. Gwen Stefani is playing “Early Winter” from The Sweet Escape album released in 2006. There are thousands of people in the square.
I start to feel in my element, and start becoming Grymm. Bobby and 2-0 follow me. Doc and Kristin decide to go around the crowd to get to the church. Bobby stops me and 2-0 says that he saw him, too. They saw Ikonu from Japan who was on the Copan expedition. Then he’s gone.

I start toward the stage to let security know that I’m here, and the crowd figures it out. Bobby grabs me and pushes me into the security area, and the guards there think I am trying to rush the stage and one guard grabs me and I don’t resist and remind him of just who I am. He believes that I am who I say I am and they drag me off to the side, leaving Bobby behind.

Meanwhile, Kristin, Doc, and 2-0 get to the church and it’s closed. They look around and 2-0 notices that there are boards on some of the windows at the top of a stairway, and the boards are on the inside. There’s a door up there also. Doc tries to convince the people milling about that Grymm is here and willing to take requests and sing karaoke. 3 people go “huh?” and move on, but the rest just look at him funny.

Kristin stealthily tries to unlock the door. Doc notices a small group of 4 people that notice Kristin at the door, but don’t do anything. 2-0 notices one person nonchalantly pull out a walkie-talkie and talk into it. Kristin notices him look up toward her. She gets the door unlocked just as 2-0 tells her that she’s been made. 2-0 moves away and gets his cell phone out, and notices the guy meeting up with several other people. Kristin opens the door, she and Doc go inside and Kristin locks the door behind them. Doc notices that someone in the street noticed them go inside. It’s totally dark inside.

I get the attention of the production manager, a guy I’ve worked with before, and he is surprised to see me. I tell him that I wanted to help support his festival and was in the neighborhood. I ask him if I can try to convince Gwen to do a duet of The Night Gwen Stacy Died with me. She has a break coming up and then he’ll get me to talk to her.

Doc and Kristin prepare to pretend to be making out. Kristin deletes the page that 2-0 sent her from her phone. 2-0 sees a guy rattle the doorknob, yell out something in an unknown language and runs off. 2-0 sends a text warning, and Doc and Kristin decide to search around. They find a bunch of miniature Black Churches ready to be sent out. Doc tries to forge a shipping label to redirect it to his own house, then gets naked.

I tell the manager to let Bobby through, and we both notice that Ikano is out in the crowd. Bobby tells the manager to let him up here, and I nod in acceptance. He sends a couple guards to bring him up to the stage. We have a short discussion, and I still can’t place the guy. (ROFL, The Kiev Goofball Festival.)

I notice the manager broaching the subject with Gwen, and she doesn’t seem to recognize me. She comes over to talk to me and finally recognizes me, and we make a deal to do a duet of my song and one of hers. I get into some makeup.
Kristin and Doc continue exploring the church and find a rectory that does not appear to be occupied. They search around until they find the pulpit, then they hear me singing. 2-0 texts them and asks if that sounds like me. They text back to ask if anyone is guarding the front door. 2-0 texts back that he doesn’t see anyone. They sneak out the front and try to blend in. Kristin locks the door behind them.

Gwen does good job with the female part, but her band kicks some serious ass playing my song! I need to sign them. The crowd goes wild! A few songs later, the lights come on in the church, and Kristin and Doc make their way away from it. I convince Gwen to put us up with her.

Session 3: 3/05/08 – IGD: 09/26/07

I am SO tired. It’s only noon, and these idiots want to get up and around. Sigh. Ikonu says that he knows a man with a dog named Gregor who is the caretaker for the library. Apparently there was a ruckus in the church last night and his appointment with Gregor was disrupted. Go figure.

Ikonu, Kristin and Doc go to the church to try to contact Gregor. I grumble and go back to bed.
When they come back, they let us know that Gregor is willing to meet at the church at 2am tomorrow. Kristin wants 2-0 to research the church on the internet. I nap some more.

The church is really old, and was rebuilt about 10 years after the town was founded. The Vadouva family moved into town and they brought lots of money with them. They decided to remake the town, and people poured out of the hillsides to get jobs. The buildings in the city core are all original and medieval.

There is a yellow line near us, and there are two intersection points in the mountains. 1 is a two-line (Yellow/Blue) near Petrila, and 1 is a three-line (Blue/Green/Red) somewhere near Gheorghini. The main street (Republicii) follows the Yellow line. Bran Castle is not too far away. The data found by 2-0 appears to have been “cleaned”.

Bobby, 2-0 and I go to the pub, while Ikonu, Doc, and Kristin go to the library. Bobby learns that the town was founded in 920(AD). 2-0 finds out that the Vadouvas were the richest family in the area, and were a very large family. When they showed up they looked nomadic, but quickly settled in and took over. Since they had so much money, they became “noble”. The Bran Castle was built about the same time. The Bran family was the second richest family, but they were true noble blood. I find out that the Vadouva/Bran family had a feud around 1200-1220 but no one remembers exactly when and it lasted about 40 years. The Vadouvas were significantly hurt and left the area. The offspring stayed, but the original Vadouvas left and disappeared. Library - Feud 1137 through 1152. The Bran family name is associated with the legend of Dracula.

We all go antiquing. Doc finds a small sapphire gem in a case that he thinks is really cool. 2-0 finds a different ruby gem that really peaks his interest. I Vern the guy down to 45 EUR for the ruby and 40 EUR for the sapphire. 2-0 and Doc buy the gems. Nothing here interests me.

Session 3: 3/05/08 – IGD: 09/27/07

At 2am we meet at the church. Gregor leads us in the basement door through and anteroom and finally arrive into a large room packed full of books. He then leaves us alone and says “I don’t know you’re here.”

An earthquake wrecked the Lupei Castle in 1953.

I find a reference to the Orb 2x that is not a direct reference, but is implied in the text. Suddenly, I get needlelike pain in my neck, almost like a doglike creature bites me and I feel the fangs sink into my flesh, and I scream out that it felt like something tore my throat out. I don’t feel so good. Kristin asks to see my neck. Ikonu tries to open my backpack, and Bobby steps in his way. Ikonu says that my backpack is leaking. I look in the backpack and see that the baggie that I put the stone into burst open from all the blood. I share a look with Bobby. I nonchalantly pull out my stun gun and wait anxiously for something to happen. After a few minutes, I check the stone again, and the bleeding has stopped, so I put the stun gun away. We leave and go back to the hotel and arrive around 4am.

We leave in the morning to take the train 40 miles to Sfantu Gheorge. We hire a driver to take us to Ditrau, and I Vern him down to 35 EUR per day instead of 70 EUR. We get to Ditrau at around 3pm. The driver says that there are people we can find to do a tour of the ruins - Nicoleta Albescu. The driver drops us at a storefront, and a woman at the counter addresses us in Romania, and 2-0 says “Hi may I hep you? Beef on bun!” I ask about a tour of the ruins, and I Vern her down from 47 EUR to 23.50 EUR for the tour. It seems like she thinks I’m trying to pull something on her, but she agrees anyway. Hmmm.

We get to the ruins, she takes us to the “special places”. It takes about an hour and a half to do the entire tour. Doc trips and falls. I laugh at him. I ask Nicoleta if there’s any info that’s not on the tour that she can tell us. She gives us a longwinded story about the Lupei family, a bunch of murderers and kidnappers. People continue to disappear to this day, fairly regularly. Bobby asks what’s in the location on the GPS, and she says that it’s Georghini. She eventually leaves.
Bobby gathers everyone up and tells us that she was very interested in 2-0 when he went down to a tree. We go to the tree, and on the other side, there’s a hole between the tree and the ground that leads straight into the hill. There are leaves everywhere, but not in the hole.

Bobby leads the way in, and about 10 feet in the passageway opens up to more of a cavern. He calls me on the walkie-talkie to let us know it’s ok to come in. We move into the cavern. There are shoe prints on the floor that lead to one part of the room, and then are covered up. Doc finds a well-made heavy panel that is made to look like part of the wall. He opens up the panel, and…

Doc sees a shadow moving from the room on the other side. He pulls out his gun and looks wary. 2-0 moves around to try to get a better look in the room beyond the doorway, and sees a man with brown hair wearing jeans and a light coat that stands up from a bed and reached over to pick something up that looks vaguely weaponlike. He also hears a shuffling sound coming from someplace else in the room. 2-0 tells us that there’s a guy that is probably armed in the room and probably at least one more person as well. I see the guy also, and I pull out my stun gun and get behind Bobby.

Two armed men come out into the light and say something in Romanian, probably. Kristin yells out “We don’t speak Romanian, what did you say?” and they respond, “Then you don’t belong here” in English, and look like they’re going to shoot at us. Doc squeezes off a shot at the guy by the fire pit, and hits him, and they return fire at Doc and both miss. Kristin shoots at the guy by the pit and misses. 2-0 points out the guy by the pit to Bobby, and Bobby aims at him and fires, hitting the guy. Ikonu moves to take cover and watches our backs.

Doc aims at the guy by the pit, and shoots him. I try to convince the guys to lay down their guns and surrender. The guy by the pit says “You guys need to leave”. The other guy moves up to Doc and tries to punch him, but misses him, and backs off. Kristin shoots the guy by the pit. 2-0 tries to tell Bobby to shoot the guy again, but Bobby shoots him anyway. Ikonu continues to watch our backs.

Doc aims and shoots at the guy by the pit, knocking him to the floor. I move into the room and tell the remaining guy to lay down his weapon or he’ll end up like his friend. He runs to the door on the other side of the room and unlocks it. Kristin moves into the room and shoots at him, missing. 2-0 moves into the room and gets behind cover, aiming his flashlight at the guy so Bobby can see him better. Bobby aims at the guy and shoots, hitting him. Ikonu moves into the room and shoots, missing the guy.

Doc moves into the room and shoots the guy. I run up to get next to the guy, my stun gun at the ready. He opens the door and moves to go through it, so I hit him with the stun gun, but he shuts the door behind him and I hear a lock click. Kristin moves over to the fallen guy and searches him to see if he has a key in his pockets. She moves over to unlock the door, as Bobby finds a key in the guy’s other pocket.

Session 4: 3/19/08 – IGD: 09/27/07

Bobby takes the key over to the door. Doc ties the unconscious guy up, while Kristin snags the key from Bobby and opens the door, while Bobby aims inside. The sound of 2 voices talking comes from down the hall, along with the sound of weapons being readied. There’s a blood trail on the floor.

Bobby barks out orders. I wait. He closes and locks the door again. This was really helpful. Maybe in a couple minutes, he’ll unlock it again. Sigh.

Bobby positions us where he wants us in the room. The door explodes in a fiery burst of splinters. The table I’m hiding behind smacks into my arm. I bet it leaves a bruise. Doc, Bobby and Kristin all point their guns at the doorway. From the smoke comes a grenade, which lands on the floor near the brazier, and explodes, completely mangling 2 chairs and tipping over the brazier. Bobby squeezes off a shot into the smoke, but is distracted by the fire spilling from the brazier onto his feet.

Through the smoke, I see a shadowy figure coming rather quickly toward us. I point that out to everyone. 2-0 decides to practice with his new toy, and readies to shoot anyone who comes through the doorway. I’m extremely glad I am not between him and the door.

Bobby moves over and takes cover behind some sacks. Someone comes through the doorway, and I say “There he is! Shoot him!” Doc shoots at him, but misses. Kristin actually does shoot him, and Ikonu clotheslines him as he runs past him. 2-0 shoots at the guy, horribly. Doc takes careful aim this time, which apparently he should do more often, as this time he hits, most effectively. Kristin shoots him as well, but not as well as she thought she did. A second guy comes out of the smoke, stops, and looks around, confusedly, then shoots at Bobby, the bullet smacking into the bags he’s hiding behind. A third guy comes out and shoots at Doc, missing.

Ikonu does some strange flip and kicks the second guy in the midsection. I notice that the guy that I stunned earlier is not any of the guys in the room, and point that out to everyone. Then, I point to the guy in the corner, and demand his immediate surrender to us, or die. He drops his weapon and surrenders, and I tell everyone not to attack him. Bobby shoots the third guy and he falls to the floor, then Bobby swings his pistol to target the second guy.

2-0 aims and fires at the second guy, and somehow manages to actually wing him. After a lengthy delay, it seems like the second guy is calculating something in his mind. Doc aims and fires at the second guy, and plugs him. Kristin grabs the guy we tied up, points her gun to his head, and tells the others that she will shoot him if they don’t drop their weapons, and he complies. We seem to have handled this much better than we have done before.

Doc ties up the third guy and Ikonu ties up the second guy, while I ask the guy who surrendered to me how many more of them there are. He responds that there is only one of him. Smart ass. I shake my head, take my stun gun out, and say, “Bobby.” Bobby turns on his light and moves into the hallway. 2-0 pulls the entry door shut, and swaggers around with his gun.

I pull out my stun gun, hold it to the guy’s chest and say, “Let’s try this again. How many personnel are in the facility?” He says that there are 15 personnel in this building. 2-0 and Doc disarm the captives and disrobe them. 2-0 then gets a crazy gleam in his eye, and collapses to the floor, with his face in the guy’s crotch. When he comes to, he tells us that the guy has lots of puncture marks, as if he was bitten by several vampires. He tells us he had a vision of walking through a forest and attacked form behind and bitten by a pale human figure with huge canines.

I ask the guy who he works for. He tells me that he works for Tereza. I ask him who Tereza is. He says “He is my master, the ruler of this lair.” I say “Master, what do you mean, master?” “I obey him, I do 100% of what he asks.” 2-0 tries to grabs the guy and he dodges out of the way, and starts to run. I zap him with the stun gun. Doc shoots him in the back. As he runs past Kristin, she shoots him, and he falls to the floor.

I stun the second guy, who falls unconscious. I stun the third guy into unconsciousness. I stun the very first guy into unconsciousness. We pile them up.

Doc ties them all up.

We start moving into the hallway. Bobby steps into the next room, as four guns blaze at him, all missing. Impressive, it’s
like the Matrix. Sweet! The room has a large, circular pool in the center of it. Bobby dives into the room near the pool, shining his light into a doorway across the room and yells out “Watch the doorways!”. Doc moves up to the doorway, and shoots in the direction of Bobby’s light. Ikonu moves up and goes prone next to Bobby. Kristin moves up next to Doc and fires off a round at nothing. I move up, don’t see what everyone is shooting at, and ask what everyone is shooting at. No one responds, so I just stand behind Doc.

2-0 moves up and fires off a shot, missing. Two guys flanking either side of the doorway across the room shoot at Doc and Kristin, grazing Doc. Two shots come from the other doorway to the left at Bobby and Ikonu, missing both of them. Bobby shoots the guy on the left of the doorway across the room. Doc targets the guy that Bobby hit and shoots at him, missing. Ikonu shoots at the same guy, missing. Kristin shoots at the guy on the right, missing. I finally see the guys that everyone is shooting at and point them out to 2-0 who aims and shoots the guy on the left, hitting him with a glancing shot.

Kristin gets shot. Bobby drills the guy on the left. Doc aims and fires, almost doing 31 points of damage, but only really doing 16 and a -1 to condition. Not sure what that means, but it sounds important. Ikonu targets the guy on the left and misses. Kristin again misses the guy on the right. I tell the guy on the left to stop firing at us and we’ll let him live. 2-0 fires a shot wide of everyone.

The guy I talked to shoots Doc. Three other bullets fly free. Bobby misses, and Doc aims and shoots at the guy who shot him, not coming anywhere close. Ikonu misses his shot, as does Kristin. I try to befriend the guy on the left. “You can’t get out, this can’t end well for you.” 2-0 fires and misses again.

Ikonu gets hit by a bullet. Bobby hits the guy on the left, who falls down, almost hitting his head on the wall. Doc aims at the guy on the right, shooting and missing. Ikonu aims and hits the guy on the right, knocking him down. Kristin fires into the darkness, missing. I yell out to the darkness, “You in the corner! The same thing will happen to you if you don’t stop this now!” 2-0 bravely steps into the room (he doesn’t seem to be acting like himself lately), and points his gun toward the doorway on the left.

Bobby takes a bullet, and 2-0 fires in response, missing horribly. Stacy has a d5. Good job, Stacy. Bobby stands up and moves to the side. Doc moves over behind Bobby. Ikonu stands up and moves to the wall. Kristin moves over by the door to the left. I move over to the wall behind Ikonu. 2-0 moves into the open and fires (slap some iron in his hand and he grows a pair, go figure) and hits him.

An argument breaks out in the other room, and the one guy we can see shoots 2-0, who screams like a little girl. Bobby aims and misses. Doc moves over into the corner. Ikonu moves past Kristin and nears the guy in the doorway. Kristin moves over by Doc and fires into the doorway, missing. I move over by Kristin and try to befriend the guy, telling him that we don’t want to hurt him. 3-0 (formerly 2-0) fires and misses.

The guy I talked to switches places with another guy and moves to shoot, while Ikonu tries to grab the gun from his hand but misses it. He shoot5s at me and misses. “Bobby! He shot at me!” Bobby makes him pay. Doc peeks around the corner, sees the guy and shoots him. Ikonu mutters something about storming the fjords and backs off. I try to intimidate the guy into backing down. 3-0 shoots at the guy and misses.

The guy disappears into the room. They yell out “Don’t come in here!” and “We’ll shoot you!”

Session 5: 4/02/08 – IGD: 09/27/07

Evan’s player is gay for watching Dancing with the Stars. But at least he’s not French.

Bobby moves up and gets shot at, then returns fire, hitting the guy. Evan reloads gaily, then skooches around the corner into the room. Ikonu follows Evan into the room, and shoots the guy. Kristin moves into the room, passing everyone and sinking into the darkness. I move into the room and try to stun the guy but miss. 3-0 charges blindly into the room. This guy is really not acting like himself – must be the iron.

The guy moves past us, I try to stun him and miss, Doc shoots and misses, Ikonu tries to punch him and misses, and Bobby (apparently out of ammo) tries to pistol whip him and misses. We all suck. He tries to run past Bobby, but Bobby smacks him back, stopping him. The other guy tries the same thing, and Bobby stops him, too.

Bobby pulls his stun gun and tries to stun the guy, but misses. Evan aims at the guy and he shots at Doc, hitting him, then shoots him back. Ikonu tries to kick the guy, but misses. Kristin aims and fires but misses. I brandish my stun gun at the guy and tell him that he can’t escape from us and that he should surrender, but he disagrees. 3-0 shoots at the guy and hits.

The guy sucks it up and tries go past Ikonu this time, and Ikonu misses him, I miss him with my stun gun, Bobby stuns him, Doc misses, and he runs past Ikonu. The second guy runs past Ikonu as well. He obviously is no Bobby. Then the guy hits something on the wall outside, and a portcullis drops from the ceiling, blocking all of us into the room, except Bobby.
Bobby stuns the first guy, and he drops to the floor unconscious. Doc starts searching the room for levers or doors, but doesn’t find anything, and then moves over to the portcullis and shakes it. Guess it’s not electrified. Ikonu takes a look at it, and says that it needs to be opened form the outside, then moves into the center of the room. Kristin searches along the wall for a weak spot. I yell out at the guy left standing to open the portcullis right now. 3-0 tries to reprogram the portcullis into opening, to no avail.

The guy takes of running, and disappears back into the corridor the way we came in. Bobby picks up a gun from the unconscious guy on the floor, and moves over by the pool, but can’t see anyone to shoot. Bobby then comes over and opens the portcullis so we can get out.

We search the unconscious guys and find the same marks on all of them. We search around to see if we can find anything of interest. Ikonu finds a secret door. 3-0 gives first aid to Doc and Kristin. Bobby tries to open the door but it’s locked. He then tries the key that we found earlier, and it unlocks. He opens the door, and reveals a passageway.

Moving down the hall there are two doors on the left hand side. We move up to the first doorway, and Bobby tries to open it, but it’s locked. He then unlocks it with the key and opens the door. Behind the door are four strange-looking creatures that look like disgusting humans, but are not quite human. The stench of rotting corpses spews out of the room.

Kristin squeals, then aims and shoots at the closest one, hitting it. Doc aims and shoots the same one. Bobby shuts the door and re-locks it. Doc, Kristin, Ikonu and I feel nauseated from the stench. We start hurling, as the creatures in the room start banging against the door. Doc and Bobby had the same vision and saw a person’s lifespan, over centuries passed with the technology changing around them, and ultimately, millennia later, the person goes crazy and changes form from human to the type of creature that is in the room.

We move up the hall to the other door, and this time, Bobby listens. Again, the door is locked. Bobby looks through the keyhole, and it appears that there is a hallway behind it with another door. He opens it, and the hallway behind appears to look like it was made of plaster and wood. He goes up to the next door and both he and Kristin listen at it. Bobby hears something move from the other side, and listens closer. He shushes us, and he says that he hears someone sleeping on the other side.

Bobby quietly unlocks the door and listens again and still hears the breathing. He opens the door and inside are four men, bound and chained in the corners. All four are laying down, wearing crappy-looking filthy torn clothing. One appears to have been heavily beaten, and all of them look malnourished. The light starts waking them up, and they stay very still. Bobby moves up to one of the non-beaten ones, on the left side of the door. As Bobby nears him he cowers and tries to pull away. He leans down and whispers that we are not here to hurt them and that they need to be quiet. The beaten one starts mumbling to himself that we shouldn’t be trusted, especially the gay one. His voice starts getting louder, and Bobby tells them that they need to be quiet, or we’re all dead.

I intimidate the guy into being quiet. He stops talking and makes a low whimpering sound. Kristin comes in and asks the guy Bobby was talking to what his name is, and way too many other questions to track. The guy is overwhelmed by the amount of questioning, and clams up. I move in and start questioning him. Bob says in broken English that he has been here since November 2. 2005, and that he was the new arrival. They always keep four in the room and when one dies, they are replaced. They tease them and beat them. I describe to him the men we have seen, and ask how many of them there are. He says that there are 14-16 of them, and they are slavers, but not the master.

The master is in the next room, along with maybe 6 or 7 slavers. Bobby tries the key in the manacles, but it doesn’t fit. Kristin gets his hand out of his shackles. The rest of the prisoners start looking our way, pleadingly. Kristin gets his feet free while bobby listens at the door. Kristin frees the rest of them while Bobby continues listening and Ikonu watches our back.

We have an argument about what to do next, as I want to dress the unconscious guards up in the prisoners clothing and shackle them in their place, while we get the prisoners. Ikonu says to drown them and save ammunition.

Eventually, they decide to just pull the prisoners out, closing and locking the doors behind us. We get out to the room with the secret door, and two of the unconscious guys are now not there anymore. The third guy looks dead. Bobby drags the body into the portcullis room.

We continue on down into the curved hallway, and Ikonu stops us as he hears very muffled voices coming from around the corner. We move the prisoners into the portcullis room around the corner and prepare for the firefight to come. Bobby moves up and listens, and hears them as well. He tries to sneak up closer, as does Ikonu.

Shots ring out from around the corner as Bobby shoots at one of the guys we knocked out earlier, hitting him. The guy returns fire, missing Bobby. Ikonu shoots and misses.

Doc moves up into the hallway and crouches behind the box that is blocking the doorway. Bobby takes aim and shoots the guy again. I move over by the pool to keep an eye on the secret door, and notice that the pool looks like it has a congealed fluid in it that the surface has been recently disturbed. I continue moving and get the attention of Kristin and 3-0 to let them know that I think something is in the pool. Kristin points her gun at the pool and 3-0 moves to the corner and points his gun at the pool

Doc aims and fires at the other guy and hits. Bobby aims, fires and misses. Two more guys run across the room to join the other two. I move up and stick the stun gun in the fluid of the pool and trigger it. Something moves in the pool and the fluid splashes up over the side of the pool, hitting my feet. Kristin moves up to the pool and shines her light into it, then shoots into it. Ikonu pops his head up and several shots ring out at him, all missing, then he misses in return. 2-5 continues to stay in the corner.

Doc shoots and misses. Bobby aims and shoots again, knocking his target over. Another one comes over to take his place, missing his shot at Doc. I trigger the stun gun in the fluid again, and a large-clawed bloody hand pops out of the fluid trying to grab me. It has a slick, red-looking head with pointy ears and bumpy, bulbous eyebrows with no hair. 2-5 shoots at it and hits, but it still grabs my arm, and tries to pin me. Kristin shoots it again. Ikonu plays shoot–a-mole again, and shoots a guy. 2-7-5 shoots and crits it, dropping it and it drops me in the process, sliding back into the water. Something about the creature fascinates me, though…

Doc shot a guy and drops him. Bobby shoots a guy. I trigger the gun into the fluid again. Ikonu-mole shoots and drops a guy. Kristin moves toward the firefight. 2-7 reloads.

Doc shoots a guy. Two more come to take their places. I again trigger the stun gun in the fluid, maybe it’ll wake back up… Kristin plays shoot-a-mole this time. Ikonu shoots and misses. 2-5 moves around the corner and shoots at one, hitting him.

Doc shoots a guy and drops him. Bobby shoots a guy. I pull the floating creature out of the pool. Kristin-a-mole shoots a guy. Ikonu misses. 2-6 aims and shoots a guy and drops him.

Doc plugs his target. Bobby shoots a guy. The creature is still breathing, so I try to choke it to death, but I can’t get my hands to close off it’s trachea. Ikonu shoots a guy and hits. Kristin shoots and misses. 2-7 aims and shoots a guy.
Doc blows his guy… away. Bobby drops the last one. Kristin comes back in and shoots the creature, killing it. 2-6 notices that it looks like the creature is deteriorating, although slowly. 20 clips of browning ammo get taken by the group, and 1 box of 100 9mm shells. I go get a cask from the other room and dump the wine out (all over myself) then ask Doc to behead the creature, and I put the head and hands in the cask and fill the rest with fluid from the pool.

Session 6: 4/16/08 – IGD: 09/27/07

We send Ikonu to take the prisoners back to town, while 2-5 patches up Bobby. We decide to go back to take care of the “Master”. We get back to the secret door and Bobby listens at it. He hears a shuffling noise from behind it, and the sounds of lips smacking and a bone crack. We all get ready and Bobby opens the door.

There’s nothing apparent on the other side, so Bobby moves into the hallway and toward the corner, where he sees something and shoots it, and it falls to the floor. Doc runs into the hallway, firing and hitting something else. Kristin moves up and shoots the same one Doc hit. I move up towards the door carefully. Three of them move up and Kristin and Doc both shoot one of them on the way up. Two attack Doc and one attacks Kristin, but all three miss. 2-5 shoots the one attacking Kristin, and it falls.

Bobby shoots one, and Doc aims and fires at one, missing. Kristin shoots at one and misses. I praise the team on their prowess. They try to eat Doc, but fail in their attempt. 2-6 pops a cap in one.

Bobby hits the one 2-7 shot. Doc aims and shoots the one in the corner. Kristin misses her shot. I applaud their abilities in combat. This time they attack Kristin and Doc and both miss. 2-7 drops another one.

Bobby hits again, and Doc aims and drops the last one. We regroup and 2-8 gathers more random samples of nasty bits from these things. As we ease on down the hallway, we see that the door to the room that the things were in is unlocked and open. Someone (or something… dun dun DUN) let them out.

As we get to the end of the hallway, the other door is also open, as is the door to the room where the prisoners were held, but the previously closed door is still closed. Bobby listens at the door and hears the sounds of a woman sobbing coming from beyond. Bobby tries the key in the lock, to no avail. He calls Kristin up, and she unlocks it. Bobby opens the door and a barrier drops from the top of the door behind slams down, shutting me off from the rest of the group. I look for an opening mechanism, but don’t find one, so I start to take my time and look closer.

Beyond is a large room with a loft, and a woman chained to the floor. From the mouths of statue heads on four columns, flame shoots out as though they are breathing fire. Bobby moves into the room and the same thing happens to the door he just passed through, separating him from the rest of the group.

Two guys come down some stairs, guns blazing at Bobby, but poorly, missing him miserably. Bobby aims and fires at the guy to his right, hitting. Kristin checks out the door, and finds a hidden mechanism that she thinks might open it. Two more shots at Bobby, and one hits him. I find a mechanism that looks like it might be a door opener of some kind. The woman starts wailing and crying.

Bobby aims and fires at the same guy, hitting him again. Kristin pushes the button and the door opens. Doc runs in the room, and shoots at the guy on the left, missing. They each shoot, one hitting Doc and one hitting Bobby, both very badly. I push the button, it’s my turn, it’s not your turn, it’s my turn. 2-7 moves and aims at the guy on the right. Kristin disables the mechanism to the far door.

Doc aims and the guy on the left and misses. The guys shoot again, and one hits Bobby. I stay put. The girl cries more. 2-5 aims and shoots the guy on the right very well.

Bobby aims and fires at the guy on the right, also very well. Kristin disables the close door-shutting mechanism, then moves back into the room. Doc aims and shoots, missing the guy on the left. They fire back, one missing Bobby, and the other’s gun jams. I move in and see that his gun has jammed, so I yell out to him to drop his weapon. 2-7 aims and misses horribly.

Bobby aims and hits the guy on the right, and drops him. Kristin AIMS and oooh, hits the guy on the left. Doc aims and fires and the same guy, hitting. The guy drops his gun and runs up the stairs, out of sight. I move into the room, and notice that the two pillars in the front look like they may open somehow. I move up to the woman, and she is naked, caked in blood. She looks up at me with terrified eyes, and cowers away from me. 2-6 moves up and starts to get ready to “treat” the lady.

Bobby moves to the stairs on the right. Kristin moves up to the woman and consoles her and unlocks one of the shackles on her feet. Doc moves to the stairs on the left. I try to convince the woman that we are friends. She says, “Thank god you’re here, please undo me. Get me out of here quick before he gets out of his coffin.” Coffin? Wait, what? 2-5 starts trying to clean the blood off of her.

Bobby moves up the stairs, and two shots ring out both missing him, then Bobby fires back, missing. Kristin unlocks her other foot, and moves to her arms. Doc moves up the stairs, and two more shots go off, at him, both missing, then he fires at the front guy on the right, missing. Two fire at Bobby, one hitting very well, and two fire at Doc, both missing. The fifth guy drops to the floor behind the sarcophagus. I move up the stairs, and tell the closest guy to drop his gun. 2-4 moves up the stairs, and fires, missing.

Bobby aims and fires, hitting. Kristin unshackles one hand. Doc aims and misses. A shots rings out at 2-3, hitting. One guy drops his gun. Bobby and I take fire, but don’t get hit. The guy in back drops off the loft, and Kristin notices. Doc notices two guys moving from behind the stairs. I tell the next guy to drop his gun as well, then move down the stairs, and I notice the guy behind Kristin and warn her. 2-4 shoots and misses.

Bobby aims and hits. Kristin drops her lockpicking kit and pulls out her gun and fires at the guy, hitting him. Doc aims and fires, hitting. The guy that dropped his gun picks it back up and misses Doc, while the other guy drops his. Two fire on Bobby, and one gun jams, while the other misses. More guys come out from behind the stairs, I miss the one that goes past me, and one hits me. Another one misses me as he goes past. 2-3 hits another guy as he comes up and hits him. 2-4 gets hit by another guy as he goes past. The last guy picks up his gun, and I tell him to drop it. 2-5 aims and crits the guy with the jammed gun.

Bobby shoots and hits. Kristin aims and shoots at the guy with the jammed gun, missing. Doc aims and fires, missing. A guy shoots Bobby well, and another misses while the third unjams his gun. The hand-to-hand guys make their moves, and one hurts Kristin, and she hits him back. One hits me and another hits 2-6. I move over by Kristin and ready myself to stun one of these jerks. The girl screams at us to unchain her. 2-7 gets his second wind and shoots the guy with the jammed gun well, dropping him.

Bobby aims and fires, hitting the guy. Kristin gets her second wind, and drops her gun, picks up her lockpicks and unshackles the last cuff, then picks up her gun. Wow, that was fast! Doc aims and hits. One runs up and I stun him, and he misses me, but the other one does hit me. One misses 2-8, and he crits in return. Then 2-9 gets hit again. One guy unjams his gun, and another falls prone. The others miss their shots. I get my second wind, ready an attack and yell for Bobby. The girl crawls for the door. 3-0 runs and hides behind Bobby, falling prone.

Bobby aims and hits, dropping the guy. Kristin moves up to the columns and checks to see if the open. Doc aims and fires, hitting his target. A guy shoots at Doc ad misses. Two of the guys grab the girl and drag her out of the room. I hit one guy as he runs up and hits me. Kristin hits the guy that runs up and misses her. I yell out that they are taking the girl, and I charge after them, hitting one guy with my stun gun. The girl struggles unsuccessfully. 2-5 heals himself. Fully.
Bobby runs across the loft and jumps down the other side. Kristin figures out how to open the door, and pushes the button, and the pillars move to either side, revealing a set of stairs going down, with a dank, stale, musty smell, and completely dark. Doc aims and fires, hitting the guy again. I stun the same guy again. A guy attacks Bobby, missing, but getting shot in exchange. Another guy misses Kristin, and gets hit in return. A guy misses Doc and the other one moves behind the sarcophagus and goes prone. I try to attack but miss. 2-4 stand ups, shots and misses.

Bobby aims and fires, hitting the guy I stunned, dropping him. Kristin aims and shoots, hitting the guy. Doc aims and fires, missing. The remaining guy drags the girl a short ways. A guy shoots 2-3. A guy runs up to Bobby, missing him, but getting hit in return. Another guy crits Kristin. I stun the girl dragging the girl. 2-4 aims and hits the guy.

Bobby moves up and shoots, hitting the guy with the girl. Kristin misses the guy she shoots at. Doc aims and misses. A guy shoots 2-5, and another guy misses Bobby and another one misses Kristin, who hits him back. Bobby hits the guy with the girl, but I miss. I move up and stun the guy with the girl again, dropping him to the floor as he releases the girl. The girl stands up and moves around the corner. 2-6 aims and misses.

Bobby aims and splatters a guy. Kristin aims and crits the guy. Doc aims and misses. A guy shoots at 2-5 and hits. The other guy runs up and tries to hit Kristin, missing. I go after the girl and persuade her not to run, since I have a stun gun and can protect her. 2-6 shoots at the guy and misses, then jumps off the platform, hurting himself in the process.
Bobby moves back into the room. Kristin shoots the guy dropping him. Doc aims and misses. The remaining guy misses Doc, who yells for help. I interrogate the girl about the guy in the coffin. 2-5 moves around to the front of the platform.
Bobby moves up the stairs, and says “It’s only ONE GUY!” Kristin moves up the stairs as well. Doc aims and misses. Bobby teaches Doc how to roll dice. The guy misses Bobby. I ask the girl if she is sure that he is in the coffin, and she responds that he SHOULD be. 2-4 runs back up the steps, and squeezes off a round, missing.

Bobby hits the guy. Kristin hits the guy. Doc aims and hits the guy (wow, Doc hit). The guy shoots as Kristin and misses. I ask her what’s down the stairs, but she has never been down there. 2-3 misses the guy.

Bobby reloads, and hits the guy. Kristin misses. Doc misses. The guy misses Bobby. I take the girl down the hallway. 2-2 reloads and misses.

Bobby aims and hits, dropping him. Kristin moves up and shoots the crawling guy, who stops moving.

2-1 asks the last guy what’s in the coffin, but he doesn’t respond. Kristin asks, with the same result. Bobby cocks his gun, and says, “They said, what’s in the box?” he replies “Nothing”. What was in the coffin? “My master” Where is he now? “Not here.” Is he downstairs?

I lock the girl in the other cage and go back to the room. Doc reloads his gun.

We all try to open the sarcophagus, and it slides off and has a very nice plush interior with blood red satin. We light the inside on fire. The guy starts looking nervous. We hear a bloodcurdling scream coming from below us.

Bobby asks where the girl is, and I say “In the cage” and both he and 2-0 run off the platform. Doc follows. When they get to the cage, they find the gate open and the girl laying on the ground with fresh bite marks. 2-0 heals her. Bobby picks her up and carries her outside at 7:00pm. 2-0 comes back to tell us that Bobby was taking her out.

Session 7: 4/30/08 – IGD: 09/27/07

2-0 heals Ikonu. Ikonu sends the prisoners that we freed (and kept Kristin from shooting them) back with 2-0 and rejoins us. Bobby heads down the stairs with Doc close behind. Bobby hears gurgling water from behind the right door and Doc hears nothing behind the straight door.

Bobby opens the right door. Behind the door is a room that has two giant demon heads that spew blood from their nostrils into pools. There are also two pillars that ooze bloody, viscous liquid over skulls. Across the room, between the two heads is a door. It smells like rotting roadkill. Bobby shuts the door.

Bobby opens the other door. Beyond is a hallway that turns to the right. In the corner is a curvy corner shelf unit pedestal with nothing on it. Around the corner is a large room with some pillars and strange-looking stairs. Once we all get into the hallway, the columns upstairs shut behind us. In the dust on the pedestals it appears that something has been put on and taken off many times, with scrapings in the stone of the pedestal. I think it has about the same shape as some type of medieval armor stand. Kristin thinks I might be right. The ceiling in the room is about 25 feet up, and the pillars go all the way to the ceiling. Up on a platform at the top of the stairs is a pit with a pair of metal contraptions on either side.
I hear a dripping sound coming from one of the contraptions. Some others hear the sound of a door opening from behind us. Bobby comes back past and says “Take cover”. I take cover.

Doc moves back into the hallway and readies himself briskly. I move to the other side of the steps and ready my trusty stun gun. Bobby moves into the hallway and sees that the door to the demon room is open. As Bobby tries to move back through the doorway, a thing that looks like the things (ghouls) we saw in the locked room appears next to Bobby (to him) and attacks him. Ikonu moves up next to Bobby. Another one apeears (to Doc) and tries to bite him. Another one appears (to Ikonu) and tries to bite him. Doc fires off a shot and hits. Ikonu tries to hit and misses. Kristin moves up into the hallway and sees Bobby, Doc and Ikonu.

Doc aims, fires, and hits. Kristin readies for action. I also ready myself. Bobby aims and hits. Ikonu kicks one. Doc gets mauled and stops moving. A brown-haired human with long pointy teeth extensions and claws with his feet stuck in the floor at knee level. I try to stun him and miss.

Doc stares at one of them. Kristin readies. I miss the guy again and yell out again for Bobby. Bobby aims and hits one and drops it. The bad guy disappears. I hear a voice in my head from a sultry exotic temptress that is prettier than me (she’s a girl, so she can be) who commands me to follow her. I play along like she actually is commanding me. Kristin shoots at her but misses. I delay. Bobby aims and hits another one really well, dropping it. Ikonu misses his attack. Ikonu gets hit . I see that the pool is bubbly and churny with blood-like material, and there are stairs that lead down into it. She tries to lead me down the stairs, and I try to push her down them, but fail miserably. Then she bit me. Kristin tries to run up to me and gets clawed by the disappearing guy. She continues on up to me and pulls me away from her. Bobby aims and hits another one. Ikonu misses. I yell at her to leave me alone! She says “As you wish” and leans over and whispers “Don’t trust him” to Kristin.

Doc aims and hits dealing a hearty glob of goodness to his opponent. Kristin starts walking down the stairs into the pit and stops when she hits the bottom and leans down into it. Bobby aims and kills another one. Ikonu kicks the remaining one. I yell at Kristin to snap out of it. The re-disappearing guy appears next to me and hits me and re-redisappears. The woman moves over into the hallway.

Doc aims and shoots at her, missing. Kristin shoots at me. Bobby shoots at her also, hitting her, and notices that no blood comes from the wound. Ikonu kicks the thing again. I yell at the invisible guy to leave me alone, then I move down the stairs. Chicky goes poof, and the thing almost disappears, but figures out that he can’t and stays visible. The chick reappears by Bobby and tries to bite Bobby and misses, while she whispers to him to kiss her.

Doc aims and shoots at her but misses. Kristin goes lesbo and waits for chicky to return. I get an action die!!! (Kristin = marinating) Bobby says “Kiss this” and shoots her. Ikonu kicks it again, killing it. There was much rejoicing. I move back to the steps and ready an attack. Doc gets cornholed by the guy (as usual). Chicky whispers to Bobby again, trying to convince him that Ikonu is no longer his friend.

Doc gets his second wind and shoots at the guy, missing. Bobby shoots her really well, but not as well as it should have been. I move into the hallway and try to convince the chick that she and I are friends. The guy claws Doc again. The chick tries to whisper to Bobby again.

Doc misses the guy again. Kristin looks up, sees nobody, shines her light around, gets out of the pool and hides behind one of the contraptions and checks her censer. Bobby shoots at her but misses. Ikonu misses horribly. I tell the guy to leave Doc alone. The chick whispers to Bobby again, and she convinces Bobby that he can’t trust Ikonu. The guy disappears and re-appears to attack Ikonu.

Doc shoots at the chick, missing. Kristin moves down the stairs, sees me, and hides from me. Bobby quickly pulls out a wooden-inlaid Browning pistol and tries to shove it into her chest. Ikonu tries to kick her but misses. I try to convince the chick that she should back down from this confrontation. She moves and attack Doc, but misses.

Doc misses her. Kristin moves up to the doorway and hides from me again. Bobby withdraws to the stairs, the doors do not open, so he turns and goes into the room with the demon heads. Ikonu kicks the guy and hits him. I tell the chick not to attack Doc. She moves up to Ikonu and misses him, and the guy attacks him and misses as well.

Doc moves past me into the room and searches for wood or silver, finding that the blades on the contraptions are silver. Kristin asks Doc what she’s doing and tells him that I’ve turned bad and that he shouldn’t hurt the chick. Doc tries to convince her that she’s wrong. Bobby opens the door and the room beyond has a cage suspended from the ceiling with two thrones and two overstuffed chairs, several standing suits of pink leather armor that look fleshy. Ikonu attacks and misses. I tell the guy not to attack Ikonu. The guy sinks into the stone in the floor. The chick moves up the stairs, past Ikonu.

Doc moves back to the hallway. Kristin delays. Bobby tries to pick up the chest to try to smash it, but can’t lift it. He then opens the chest, revealing a quiver of arrows, bow, helm, book, sword, shield, and a stack ass of coins. Ikonu screams that she’s opening the door. I tell her not to leave. She stops and doesn’t open the door. Ikonu gives me a dirty look.

Doc moves up to the entryway and readies his weapon. Kristin readies an action to shoot me if I threaten her. Bobby grabs the bow and arrows and moves back toward the door. I tell her to come back down to me and that my friends won’t hurt her. She complies. Ikonu steps back and readies his weapon.

Doc waits. Kristin moves around the corner, holding out the censer, asking the chick if it will help her. Bobby moves back into the entryway. I have her tell me where her master went, and she says that he has become one with the stone.
Bobby tells Ikonu to put down the gun. Ikonu lowers his gun and takes a step back. I ask Bobby what’s going on, and he tells me to get away from Ikonu. I tell Bobby that Ikonu is not threatening him.

I intimidate her into telling me what she did to my friends. She says that it is her innate ability to do these things.
I tell her to stop using her abilities to affect my friends. Kristin and Bobby both feel better.

Kristin apologizes for shooting at me.

I ask her what she is and she responds that she is a vampire, but she’s not from the MM. To turn into a vampire one must drink vampire blood, and if a vampire drinks someone’s blood, she heals herself. She admits that she was the girl chained in the chamber, and that our friend was fun. They can stand sunlight but not a lot of it (take CON damage slowly). She has to spend vitae to stay alive and has to drink blood to gain vitae. They also spend vitae for additional abilities. The must have vitae to wake from their death sleep. She drank lots of 2-0’s blood, and he is laying at the base of the tree with the other 4 prisoners. Each vampire trains in disciplines (i.e. feats) and has separate abilities. Her master has disciplined himself so that human blood no longer works, he has to drink from other vampires. They can also create thralls by spending vitae. He does not need a coffin, he can be anywhere. His name is Petru Lupei. She says that the periapt is in the other room with the rest of the treasure.

The periapt and orb are explained by her – see DM handout.

We are darchaza apparently - all of us.

The ethereal realm is where the ghosts live.

They knew we were coming for days. Gregor Salza told Nicoletta that we were coming and she is part of the coven. They are both Petru’s ghoul. Her name is Teresa.

Session 8: 5/14/08 – IGD: 09/27/07

We kill Teresa, get back to the circle of bloody stuff, pick up the barrel of demon parts (what could be more fun?) and all the treasure and guns and ammo and leave the complex.  Near the tree are the 4 prisoners and 2-0 for vampire workgroups.  The prisoners are all dead of broken necks.  2-0 has many puncture wounds and looks pale.  Bobby treats his injuries, and he wakes up, groaning. 


We rent some cargo vehicles, and load them up with the stuff.  Bobby and Ikonu think that someone’s watching us, but no one sees anything.


We pile into the car and head to Gheorgine to get a hotel.  We then start studying all our stuff to figure it out.

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