Season 1.6 Dreams do Come True


All PCs will wake up in a room that is totally isolated from the other PC members. They will a small opportunity to search and generically assess their situation. Each room will be connected by a main hallway to the other 5 rooms; however the door exiting each room will be locked until a test is passed. Each room has a creature that will attack the isolated PC, and the PC will have little or no weapons, equipment, or armament to defeat the creature.

Once they have all defeated the creatures, they will have to exhibit good positive teamwork and outside the box thinking to find their way out of the complex. They will find that they weaken quickly and must rest often. During their first rest/sleep cycle they will each have a dream concerning Jayson Zeir and his torture. This is not by design by Dragomir since he wants to keep the doppelganger, but rather a side effect of the dream.In reality the bed and breakfast operator has found the PCs bodies all in a coma like state and has called the authorities to help out. When they wake up they will be in a local hospital in New Jersey. The bed and breakfast is condemned temporarily to determine why a so many people went into a coma all in one location and at the same time. The authorities figure a gas leak or some other toxin is the root cause.

Session 1: 7/23/08 – IGD: 05/30/08 

We search the carven complex and find some junk, 2 crystals, a ring, a tiara, a set of gauntlets, a funky-looking mask, three vials of liquid, some sort of a brooch-type clasp, an orb and a book. I leave my phone number with the boy, and we go back to the hotel. 2-0 heals me a bit before going to bed. We go to sleep.

When I wake up, I’m alone in a completely different room. I am rested and comfortable, but laying on the floor. Next to me is my armor and spear, so I put the armor on and pick up the spear. The door to the room is framed by big devil heads. The only thing in the room is an antique chest. I go over to it and open it. Needles shoot out and two hit me. OW!! 25 needles shot out, so I guess I got lucky. Inside the chest are a couple of small bits of fragmented bone (like a turkey leg splintered) along with a coating of goo.

Suddenly, two dead-looking things appear from nowhere and attack me, one hitting me. They attack me again, missing. I use the mirror image ability of the spear to make 6 copies of myself. They attack me again, and one of the images disappears from the impact. I attack one with the spear, but miss. They attack me and another image disappears. I attack and impale one with the spear. They attack me and one image disappears. I attack the same one I injured before, and hit it, dropping it. The remaining one attacks me and another image disappears. I attack it and crit it. It attacks me back, and misses. I attack and miss. It blows up into a bunch of parts, including rotting flesh and organs, swarming an image, which disappears. I try to spear it, but miss. It swarms over me, but doesn’t do anything. I try to attack it again, to no avail. It swarms the last image, and it disappears. I attack it and miss. It coalesces back into solid form. I attack and kill it. The door to the room opens, revealing Bobby behind it.

Session 2: 9/03/08 – IGD: 05/30/08 


The Vivid Dream

The rest of the group is with Bobby, and apparently we are all in some sort of structure with 6 rooms and hallways between each.  The others all give similar stories about what happened to them, waking up alone and having to fight strange creatures.  Ikonu got hurt really bad and 2-0 had to attend to him.


2-0 and Doc suddenly feel tired, and they both don’t think that it’s a normal tired feeling.  We all start searching around, as there is no apparent exit.  Ikonu finds a small glass vial with a cork stopper in a small crack in one wall.  2-0 finds a small red gem (ruby) in a location that doesn’t really matter.  He actually picks it up, and it has a clasp as though it may be a brooch.  Doc finds a secret panel in the trunk in Ikonu’s room, and opens it.  He ducks out of the way as some icky, slimy substance spews out the side of the compartment as he opens it.  Inside it a set of steel gauntlets that are stylized with flames in scarlet enamel.  He reaches in and pulls them out, and bravely thinks about putting them on.  Kristin finds a vial similar to the one Ikonu found.  She pries it out of the wall, and it falls to the floor, almost breaking. 


Bobby and I find a small vial in Bobby’s room.  We also find a small blue sphere made of glass or crystal, and Bobby picks it up, and some teeth.  Doc finds another secret compartment inside the secret compartment.  More goo shoots out, missing.  Inside is a metal/porcelain/ivory(?) mask that looks like the demon heads in my room.  Doc stops thinking bravely, and puts the gauntlets on.  They are heavy, and he bravely takes them back off. 


In Doc’s room, Ikonu finds a headband that is a leather strap with a silver star with flanking silver crescent moons.  The ruby 2-0 found starts to warm up.  Bobby and I find a brooch with silver wings and a green gem in the hallway between Bobby and 2-0’s rooms.  Kristin gives 2-0 the vial she found.  Doc moves back into his room and puts the mask on.  When he looks at the other two faces, the shadowy areas in the mouths of the demon heads are no longer shadowy, but finds nothing.  He looks in the mouths of the two demon heads in my room, he finds a small silver ring with a sapphire which is carved in the shape of a fist in the right hand mouth.  Doc feels that when he is wearing the mask, he can find things better.  Kristin searches my room, but doesn’t find anything.


We decide to all search together.  We find nothing in Ikonu’s room.  We find nothing in Kristin’s room.  Nothing in the hallways.  In Doc’s room we find a dull red gem.  Doc picks it up, and it starts pulsating light in time as though it were a heartbeat.  I an intrigued by the gem, and now I feel fatigued.  Kristin feels fatigued, and Doc feels exhausted.  Nothing in the hallways.  Nothing in my room.  Nothing in the hallway.  Nothing in the hallway.  Nothing in Bobby’s room.  Nothing in 2-0’s room. 


I decide to go to sleep, and go back to my room.  Everyone else follows suit, except Ikonu, who stays awake and pokes around.  I have “The Vivid Dream”. 


I wake up laying on my back in a bed, with my eyes taped shut, and an IV in my right arm.  Eventually, people come to help us, and we have been in comas for almost three months.  We are in a hospital in New Jersey.  The innkeep found us in comas after he had not seen us for a day.  The bed & breakfast was condemned.  Our stuff is in storage.  We don’t feel very dexterous.


Five days later, after physical therapy, we check out.


Session 3: 9/03/08 – IGD: 09/03/08 

When we get our stuff from storage, all the illegal firearms/etc are gone, but the stuff we found in the dream are in with our stuff.  (TZ theme plays).  Kristin asks about a dream, and Bobby gets a weird look on his face and says “I need to get to Omaha”.  Bobby had a flashback from when he was three, and he remembers what his grandfather told him after he died.  He said that he sacrificed himself to save Bobby’s life, and that he found that he had special magical abilities.  He locked away three artifacts for Bobby in a bank in Omaha.  He would have been one of the chained kids had his grandfather not sacrificed himself.

Bobby's Flashback


Jayson's Contact with Dragomir

I look back at my journal and realize that Jim is a dick. 


Doc checks to see if there are any missions in the Omaha area and there are none.  He lets the Org know that we found the girl.  He also signs us up to go on a mission to Bermuda.  We get $1500 cash each for the mission. 



We go to the First National Bank of Omaha on 3rd Street.  Bobby and I go in.  The rest of the group hangs out at the Antiquarium, a bookstore down the street.  Bobby asks about seeing his box, and she gets his name and goes to the back, and gets the bank manager.  He asks for ID and a signature.  The manager looks at a 3x5 card and says that a man named Gustavo Rizzo opened the box in 1980 and hasn’t been back since, although he opened it in Bobby’s name.  He does formalities to convince the manager that he is who he says that he is, and the manager lets both of us in. 


Inside the box is a wooden box.  Inside that box is a colt revolver and three bullets.  In the bottom of the box is a note that looks like it is written in some sort of code.  There are places for six bullets to be placed, but only three bullets are present.


We go to the bookstore to meet up with the group.  Bobby asks about a copy machine, and makes a copy of the note and puts the note back in the box. 


2-0 starts to decode the note.  He says that he thinks it will take him about 8 hours.


We get a hotel and drink at the Irish pub for a while.  The next morning, the letter is decoded.  Bobby reads the letter.  He says that he won’t tell us what it said yet, as he wants to try to figure some things out.


Session 4: 9/17/08 – IGD: 09/04/08

Apparently, Bobby changed his mind almost immediately, as he then told us about the letter.  The letter reads, "This gun was made by Sam Colt". 
Bobby also shares his flashback.  The guy who runs the Org is the guy with the kids in the chains!!!  The Org guy was coming after Bobby when his grandfather intervened, saving his life.  The guy is half-demon and half something else.  He has spies everywhere, which are doppelgangers, so we should not tell the Org everything from now on.  The guy still does not know exactly who Bobby is. 


Doc says that the Org has contacted him.  A newsreel came out on 9/2 that a large strange object washed ashore in Miami Beach.  It looks to be the barnacle-encrusted hull of a water or aircraft.  Press release came out that it was a ship that went missing during hurricane Fay a short time ago.  The hull is likely from a long-lost ship.  The barnacles don’t appear to be natural (synthetic).  There are markings of some sort on the hull.  There was radiation of an unknown type that was detected by the Org satellite.  In his font, he said, we need to contact the Coast Guard to get an in to view the object.  15x10 foot piece of steel, not ripped off, clean cut.


We decide to study our loot.  Screw the Org for a while.  Oh, hey, a book!  SWEET!  I learn 6 of the seven spells in it, (not Bind Enemy).


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