Season 2.1 The Demon's Pentacles

Session 4: 9/17/08 – IGD: 09/17/08

Doc sends a request to the Org for more information.  They say to go to a shop in Miami and buy a certain device.  They have no Coast Guard contacts.  We go to Miami.  We go to the shop Gabor’s Attic to BUY THE DEVICE around 10-10:30am. 


At this store, Ikonu finds some soft leather handmade boots, Kristin finds a staff made of marble (although very light) that has a small rune of a shattered mask at the top, Bobby finds a pouch that is sticky with goo that is tacky, 2-0 finds a disc (a CD but not a CD) that is carved of blue glass (no hole in the middle).  Man, I ain’t found shit.


He reluctantly agrees to sell the items, since we are affiliated with the same group that he is.  I convince him to give us a bulk discount of 40% off for buying all of them. So I buy them.  He also throws in a pair of rings and cloak.  He then explains what each of them do.  Doc gets the Cloak of Resistance +1.  The rings allow communication between the wearers, so I take one and give one to Bobby.  The pouch lets you entangle, spike growth or wall of thorns (5 charges/day).  The disc is a tenser’s floating disc for 3 total hours/day.  The runestaff of destruction lets you cast disintegrate, earthquake, and shatter once each per day (loss of INT and sanity).  The boots are dimension stride boots. 


The device is a home-made unit that detects EMF fields and all known types of radiation.  He shows us how to use it.


We go to Miami Beach at Noon.  X marks the spot of where the piece was found on the map.  Using the device as we approach the site, we see that there is a large area where the item was laying, about 20-30 feet from the shoreline.  No one saw it wash up, but it happened around the time of the hurricane.  People are around the indentation, but no one is within the boundary.  As we get closer to the indentation the device increases in an unknown radiation type – prolonged exposure = bad.  I move into the indentation, using the device as a dowsing rod.  About 20 minutes into my wandering, a formerly teenage girl in her early twenties approaches me very excitedly but sheepishly.  She has a pad of paper and a pen. 


I ask her her name and where she’s from, and she says “Jennifer” and “here”.  I give her a personalized autograph.  I talk her up about the piece found on the beach (not Jennifer).  She saw it personally the day it was discovered.  It looked really old and like it had been in the water a long time.  She got pictures with her camera phone.  There are pictures of a coast guard guy named Sergeant Jay Stevens.  It was hauled out with a truck and a crane. 


Doc and 2-0 realize that the Bermuda Triangle has one point here, and the ley lines are exactly along the lines of the triangle.  The triangle is not the boundary of the weird stuff happening, it extends farther than the lines.


I find a small cluster of barnacles underneath the sand.  Bobby shudders and tells us not to go near the water.  There’s a big something with a “swimmy tail” that the barnacles are part of it’s body.  We get a hotel and research the barnacles, Sergeant Stevens, and stories of big sea monsters.


Sergeant Stevens is stationed in Miami with the local Coast Guard unit.  We can find him if we want to. 


2-0 finds a site that is a cult of the Bermuda triangle based in Miami.  One of the exact photos from Jennifer’s phone is on the site.  The site owner’s name is obviously fake.  The conspiracy theory written on the site is very detailed.  Many things that wash up on shore don’t last long and dissolve into goo.  They are tentacled creatures.  The evidence always disappears, the pictures never turn out well, very strange.  There is something about the triangle that is a portal in time or something.


2-0 gets the name Jeremy Morton from tracing the site.  It comes from a local IP in Miami Beach.