Mythos and Sanity


Being in a supernatural setting your character will experience things that will test his/her Sanity. Star Wars Saga edition does not allow for a Mythos and Sanity rule set, so I will be utilizing the Wizards book Unearthed Arcana for dealing with Sanity, Sanity loss, and Mythos knowledge. The official rule book I will be utilizing is entitled Unearthed Arcana published by Wizards of the Coast, printed February 2004.

Mythos is a subset of sanity and equates into a “Knowledge” skill for purposes of use. You can earn sanity mythos ranks as you find out the “Truths” of the fabric of the universe. You cannot gain ranks in sanity mythos except for in game play. Sanity mythos ranks are only gained if you gain mythos knowledge due to a sanity check failure or your character deep dives into the “Truth” through experience or reading exceptionally bad stuff. As your sanity mythos ranks increase your probability of going insane increases. Sanity mythos is good knowledge for your characters to possess, but it is dangerous as well.

Sanity is how your character deals with finding out about the “Truths” or how he/she deals with encountering the unimaginable and dealing with severe shocks that a normal human would not normally sustain or witness. Each character will have starting Current Sanity points of 5 times the PCs Wisdom score and a Maximum Sanity of 99. Maximum Sanity is calculated by subtracting mythos ranks from 99. Since Wisdom is the key modifier for all Mythos and Sanity checks, you may want to take that into consideration when assigning you character Attributes.

Performing a Knowledge (Mythos) Check

Roll a d20 die + one-half your character level + WIS modifier + skill training bonuses + skill focus bonuses + single action die result (with explosions) = result. For every 10 ranks of mythos attached to your sanity score, the difficulty class (DC) is reduced by 5. A mythos check can never have a Group Synergy bonus applied.

Once a character has 1 rank of mythos attached to his sanity score the character gains the feat “Skill Training” in Knowledge (Mythos). Once a character has 5+ ranks of mythos attached to his sanity score the character may take the feat “Skill Focus” in Knowledge (Mythos) as a level feat or a bonus feat in any class.

Performing a Sanity Check

Roll a d100 die set. The DC for a successful Sanity check is to roll equal to or below the PCs Current Sanity points. A failed check will likely result in further reduction of Current Sanity points. A successful check may result in further reduction of Current Sanity points if the cause of the Sanity check is exceptionally bad. Mythos ranks may be awarded due to a failed Sanity check. In addition, certain sanity conditions may apply.

Gaining Sanity Points

The most common way to remove sanity loss happens when a PC levels. Each level the result of a 1d6 roll is added to the Current Sanity point score, up to the Maximum Sanity allowed by PC (99 minus mythos ranks). Multiple other ways of gaining up to the Maximum Sanity points allowed are available in the D20 Cthulhu or Unearthed Arcana books mentioned earlier in this section.