Chronicles of the RRL

Henceforth on this page you will find the chronicles of the heroes exploits in the Rise of the Rune Lords adventure path.


posted Jul 21, 2010, 8:26 PM by Mike Hill

After fighting the goblin druid and big ass dogs
  • magic feather
  • 6 - magic potions
  • 5 - magic scrolls
  • magic cloak
  • sling
  • spear
  • magic leather armor (small)
  • magic rod
  • magic gem thing


posted Jul 21, 2010, 4:29 PM by Mike Hill   [ updated Jul 21, 2010, 5:23 PM ]

We found and have not divided up the following:
  • Small tiara 40
  • String of pearls 1800
  • Nice hand crossbow 325
  • Nice light mace 275
  • Wine bottle 25
  • +1 light flail 1750
  • Shortbow 25
  • Leather armor (9 suits) 72
  • Flute 150
  • Silver earrings 15
  • Gold dust (6 pouches) 240
  • Silver dust (8 pouches) 64
  • Zirkon gem 45
  • Green emerald gem 4500
  • Dog slicers (9) 50
  • Studded leather 20
  • 559 GP
  • 47 GP

2010-06-09 We Meet at Sandpoint and Fight Goblins

posted Jun 12, 2010, 5:51 AM by Mike Hill   [ updated Jun 12, 2010, 6:05 AM ]

Owen and I (Luthar) arrive in Sandpoint to partake in the festivities of the butterfly festival.  I am here to possibly take upon a soldier position and Owen as always wants to learn more stuff about religion.  After a full day of festivities, near sundown, goblins have the nerve to encroach upon this quaint town and attack.
There were three other people (if you call a dwarf, an elf, and a half-elf people) that helped Owen and I out in slaughtering some goblins.  I decided to hang with these folks (Kobe Ashimaru, Darlaura, and the half-elf) since collectively we found lots of loot upon the goblins.  Yes we fought waves and waves of goblins and were successful in killiing them all, plus thier little dog Toto too.
The first two sets of goblins we encountered were at the main festival location up by the new cathedral.  There Father Abstalar greeted us after our successful melee.  He thanked us profusely and started to show us around Sandpoint.  As we were walkiing around we encountered some more goblins and a dog.  The dog had just killed a smaller dog, and it appears the dog's owner was cowering behind a barrel frightened of the amassed goblins.
After fighting the first two hordes of goblins, we discovered that this third horde was much easier to dispatch..  Once they were all killed the dead dog's owner thanked us for saving him.  He gave us some gold, a cart and horse to carry our new loot, and offered up a dinner on him tomorrow night.  His name is Aldern Foxglove.  We are to meet him at the White Deer tavern for dinner tomorrow night.
We wandered down to the Rusty Dragon Inn where we met Ameiko Kaijitsu (owner and operator).  We stayed the night in the Inn.  Since this town is so poor, and Owen declared that some of the items were magical, we decided to head over to Magnimar the next morning to identify and sell our newly acquired items.  Nice profit for a few hours worth of work.
We should still be able to make it back to Sandpoint and have dinner with Aldern at the White Deer.

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