Season 1 Episode 4 - Mission #861 - Debrief

During your visit to Himmel (P7X-997), you encountered a hard core Nazi German civilization (approximately 100,000 strong) throwback from the 1940's.  The inhabitants of Himmel were transported from Germany during Hitlers reign in the early 1940's.  They were sent there to conquer this new heaven they found while in possession of the stargate.  On the world 60+ years ago was apparently a large population of a indigenous near human civilization, some jaffa, and a Goa'uld called Nirrti.  Apparently the jaffa and Nirrti were overthrown and left upon their space ships.  At the time of gating to the world SG-21 was not aware of the status of the original local inhabitants.
After gating to Himmel your team quickly setup C-4 charges in or around specific targets in the gate room.  The targets were:  the cranes used to transport heavy equipment from the gate room to the surface, the crystals in the DHD (Dial Home Device), and the control panels down each hallway from the gate room.  No one checked for an alarm mechanism on the exit door from the gate room, and the alarm was tripped. 
You met Colonel Klink (just kidding on the name) and his entourage of guards as they stormed the anterior room outside of the gate room.  Knowing that you were entering into a presumed Nazi camp, the team was able to use diplomacy effectively.  The Colonel was mostly courteous and granted you an audience with the Field Marshall Heinrich von Blucher. 
The Field Marshall sent in his and the Reichsstatthalter Hans Schreck's body doubles for first contact to SG-21.  The guards in the room obviously knew that these men were not the real Field Marshall or Reichsstatthalter, and failed their bluff checks while you passed your sense motive checks.  After determining that an immediate threat of assassination was not prevalent, von Blucher and Scheck entered the meeting room and excused the body doubles.  They were courteous, although somewhat locked into a straightened but subtle cock fight between them, and they set you up with some guards and a hotel room while you stay.  You were not hindered from seeing the city except the industrial district. 
During the first night of stay in the hotel, a knock on your hotel balcony door was heard.  A representative from the natives (Himmelites).  The Himmelites (nearly 1,000,000 strong throughout the planet) are the original local human inhabitants of this planet, brought there by Nirrti from Earth centuries earlier.  The Himmelites are also treated as slaves by the Nazis.  The leader of the Himmelites has heard about and wished for SG-21 to come to him in the forest outside the city walls.  You agreed to go, and snuck out of town to meet Zarubbabel.
During your meeting with Zarubbabel, you learned of a daring plot that he needed SG-21s help with.  As it turns out, Zarubbabel's father is the Field Marshall, and von Blucher seems to have a weakness towards the Himmelites.  No one but Zarubbabel is aware of his birth heritage, and Zarubbabel wishes you to contact von Blucher in private and let him know his son lives, and his son wishes von Blucher to help overthrow the Nazi regime.  Zarubbabel believes there is a large anti-Nazi faction growing within the city of Neuberlin, and he believes his father the Field Marshall is one of them.  You agreed to the task, and decided to quickly get out of town after task completion. 
After lots of bluff and sense motive checks, you were able to persuade von Blucher to meet you alone.  Once alone, you transferred your knowledge of Zarubbabel to von Blucher, and asked to depart.  The Nazi's would not let you leave, and the power struggle between the Field Marshall and the Reichsstatthalter (Schreck) was tenacious at best and von Blucher could not lend much of a hand to your escape efforts in fear of retaliation from Schreck.
Being daring, you laid out a plan to von Blucher to assassinate Schreck and make it look like an accident or at worst like SG-21 had performed the assassination.  To facilitate this plan SG-21 decided to "share" knowledge about what you knew about the ring platforms that were in the bunker near the stargate.  von Blucher played along with this and tricked Schreck (and some guards) to ring with you to a ship that happened to be in orbit around the planet.  During ring up, you detonated whatever C-4 was on the planet, and the damage was indeterminable as you were ringing up.  Upon arrival in the ship, you ambushed Schreck and the guards, stunning them all with Zats.  You strategically placed Schreck on the ring platform, killed him, and sent his legless body back down to the planet. 
During our quick closeout of the session, we did not properly end the evening and I will take some liberties as to what has happened since. 
SG-21 and General O'Neill understand that your trip back to Earth will take 3-4 weeks utilizing the Goa'uld Teltac Transport Ship.  Currently you are in subspace signal contact range of earth, so communication is not an issue.  You have reached a higher orbit around Himmel and are now out of ring transport range.  There are two moons in orbit around the planet as well.  No further scans or actions have been made.
You are aboard a Goa'uld Teltac Transport Ship. It has an air lock, functioning hyperdrive, functioning life support, food and supplies for 12 days, basic living facilities, a damaged optical cloaking device, functioning proximity sensors, repair tools and equipment, functioning sensor cloaking device, functioning low-powered shields, damaged thermal protection system, one vehicle bay containing a death glider, and 10 light galaxy class lasers.

Goa'uld Teltac Transport Ship

This slow-moving cargo ship is ill-suited for interstellar travel, and is instead limited primarily to short hops within friendly territory. The teltac's true advantage is versatility - with lots of adaptable space on board, the vehicle can accept up to dozens of improvements, and can even be equipped as a rudimentary warship when required. The Tok'ra use teltac ships as high-speed scouts. The Goa'uld use them to haul cargo, including slaves and unrefined naquadah. System Lords use them for infiltration and diversionary tactics. With the proper engineer, a teltac can do it all. Most teltacs feature low-intensity cloaking devices, limited shielding, transportation rings, escape pods, and airlocks (a rarity in Goa'uld spacecraft design).

Goa’uld Death Glider

The most commonly encountered Goa’uld vehicle, this two-seat attack craft is a versatile combatant both in space and within an atmosphere. Death gliders are held aloft by ion jets, allowing them to hover and land, though they are too small to power a hyperspace window generator and therefore cannot attain interstellar flight on their own. Typically armed with twin energy weapons, death gliders are known to bombard cover to root out enemy troops and to tear apart local scenery until there is nowhere to hide. Two generations of death glider trouble SGC teams. The classic model is larger, less agile, and though better armored, a less efficient killing machine.