Season 1 Episode 2 - Mission #830 - Debrief

Debrief Results from Episode Two

The name of planet P7H-396 was discovered after Istar’s capture, and it is called Garnib.  The inhabitants rescued from planet Garnib were successfully transferred to Ivanna (P7K-172).  It seems that Galan, the Shol’va Jaffa, was telling the truth.  Nothing spectacular was found on Ivanna, except for seemingly large pure mineral deposits of gold and silver.  The inhabitants of Ivanna are a peaceful lot, and welcomed their new citizens.

The interrogation of the Goa’uld Istar is an ongoing ordeal, and she is not forthcoming with much information.  It is apparent that Istar is not her real name, as Istar was the woman she replaced on Garnib.  O’Neill refuses to contact the Tok’ra for interrogation assistance, and ordered Daniel Jackson to use the long-range Goa’uld communication device to contact Istar’s master.

Daniel Jackson utilized the disguise device, while contacting Istar’s master, to impersonate Istar.  More was learned from this trick than what was learned from Istar herself.  Istar’s true name is still a mystery, but the system lord she reports to is a very well known to the SGC.  In fact General O’Neill despises him.  His name is Ba’al.  Plans are underway to provide false intelligence information to Ba’al at every opportunity (if you have any ideas let me know).

Ba’al demanded from Istar (Daniel Jackson) a status on Lt. Colonel Edwards. 

Daniel: “What do you wish to know my lord?” 

Ba’al: “Have you determined if she is a reincarnate host?” 

Daniel: “The Tauri have kept me from her recently my lord, as she is away on other missions.  With such a primitive surrounding, as of yet, I have not figured out a way to determine for sure.” 

Ba’al: “Find a way to bring her to me, and I will perform tests myself.” 

Daniel: “Yes, my lord.”

Baal: “What is the gate address for the world you are being relocated to?”

Daniel: “My lord, I must apologize for not being present when the gate was dialed.  It was dialed only once during our temporary stay.  Therefore I was unable to see the gate address.”

Ba’al: “Astarte!  It is your duty to find these things out!  I am very displeased!  What of Pelops then?”

Daniel: “Pelops’ troops continue to come once a month to collect the Naqua’dah they ore.  He is due to visit Garnib in two weeks.”

Ba’al: “Perhaps I will send my own troops to take the facility before he arrives…”

Daniel: “Very wise my lord.”

NPCs Met in - Episode Two:

  • Major Haplo, David – Male – SG-23 – Scientist 3 (now 4).
  • Apolline – Female – Apparent leader on Ivanna.
  • Napoleon – Male – Apparent leader on Ivanna.