Season 1 Episode 4 - Mission #861 - Coffee Table Debrief Prior to Official Debrief

Major Weber has a few things he would like to run by the team before taking any requests to General O'Neil. I would like to have a SGC science/forensics team sent to investigate the Cyprus site. Why did they take so much dirt, what is it's significance if any. Also we should review the ships sensor logs to see if they detected corresponding energy spikes that match up with the ring use in the pyramid. If they didn't then the teams already there need to be told to search for and recover whatever shielding or cloaking technology was used.
I am also hoping to find out if the teams at the pyramid were able to open up the locked shelves and if so were there any clues as to the contents. With the large number of hits that Miss Krauss took I am sure that it will have been a simple matter to get a blood sample and while we were at it to get samples from all of the henchmen. Most Goa'uld devices require a person to have at least trace levels of naquadah (sp) in their blood streams if they are going to be used.....I also want to check the bodies for Jaffa pouches on top of the usual photos and fingerprinting.

We need to check with Interpol for all the information they might have on the Hand of Glory (HOG). Do they have any clue as to what the HOG wants to accomplish (their mission statement)? Do they know of any links between HOG and other groups? Are they aware of any meeting places or suspected safehouses used by HOG? What other activities in the past have been tied to HOG.

This last bit is a stretch but well here goes. Could Hitler have been a Goa'uld? Not necessarily a System Lord, maybe just a minor functionary that got trapped on Earth after the slave revolt. A snake that took hundreds of years to get up the nerve to try for world power and saw an opportunity with the Third Reich and now is just trying what....The symbiote could certainly have escaped the hosts death in Berlin. 
So what do you all think, should we take any or all of this to the General? Preferably without mentioning my pet theory until we find something more to substaniate such a wild idea.