Season 1 Episode 5 - Mission NA - Debrief

Debrief Results from Season One - Episode Four:

Through interrogation, research, and pure luck SG-21 was able to track down recent activities of the Hand of Glory (HOG).  The first stop for SG-21 was to visit the Museum of Natural History in Richmond, VA.  The large multi-story museum had a recent theft of one artifact (scarab brooch) from the Pyramid of Unas exhibit.  The Pyramid of Unas exhibit is a near exact replica of the inner tomb of the real pyramid found in Egypt.  Through a thorough investigative process, SG-21was able to determine the how, who, what, and when details of the heist.

SG-21 quickly determined they must investigate the original Pyramid of Unas.  Once at the original pyramid, they quickly learned they were not alone at the site.  HOG agents were there obtaining more artifacts that were apparently secretly stored.  A large battle ensued and soon SG-21 realized that the leader of HOG, Eva Krauss, was at the site.  Krauss narrowly escaped with her life.

SG-21 called upon General O’Neill to mobilize additional SG teams:

  • Prometheus’ crew determined that the sensor logs did not reveal any ring transport leaving the planet surface.  However, the logs did reveal multiple pyramid to pyramid ring transports underground.
  • SG-21 further investigation of the pyramids revealed:
    • The Shocktroopers are all human, no sign of Goa’uld symbiote, no naqua’dah trace in their blood, no Jaffa pouch, no trace of Tritonin in their blood, and each had the HOG tattoo.
    • Blood samples were found from the highly wounded Eva Krauss and were sent to the SGC lab.  Lab results showed strong levels of naqua’dah in her blood.  The levels of naqua’dah are in par with a host containing a Goa’uld or Tok’ra symbiote.
    • Three hits in the FBI and INTERPOL databanks were found from mug shots and fingerprinting of all the captured (dead or alive) Shocktroopers.
      • Lukas Eiffel, now deceased, male, 47, wanted for suspicion of embezzling money from the Bank of France, and disappeared before authorities could apprehend for questioning.  While working for the Bank of France, Lukas was the VP of IT Software Services, presiding over all software platform development for 6 years.
      • Felix Nussbaum, now deceased, male, 27, suspected smuggler of antiquity and artifact goods out of multiple countries into Germany.
      • Jonas Osterhaus, now deceased, male, 38, wanted for high governmental extortion in the United States.  After cross referencing known databanks of NID personnel, the name of Jonas Osterhought was flagged.  After cross referencing photos and finger print records, positive identification was matched.  Jonas Osterhaus was Jonas Osterhought, with separate social security numbers and highly detailed and accurate background information.  The now known alias Jonas Osterhought is still a solid alias.  Without the photo match, the background of Osterhought is water tight with absolutely no errors in its creation.
    • INTERPOL has heard of HOG, and has some leads on the whereabouts of the main headquarters or stronghold. 
      • HOG stronghold is located in Berlin, Germany.  Exact location is unknown.
      • Many front businesses have been investigated, but have not been penetrated as of yet.  Typically the business liquidates rapidly once investigation begins.  All trace of the company vanishes, including its personnel.
      • Suspected operating mode of HOG is to utilize government and corporate manipulation to gain funds for pseudo terrorist activities.  Until the volcano incident, no terrorist activities were formally linked to HOG.
  • SG-22 joined SG-21 in the investigation of the pyramids and helped open the secret storage space in the two pyramids. 
    • The storage spaces are open rectangle “drawers” 36W x 18D x 12H in inches where countless types of items could be stored.  Once the drawers were opened, extremely trace amounts of radiation were found.  The radiation pattern, after spectral analysis, matches those of naqua’dah.
    • Detailed analysis of the glyphs on the newly found hallways and rooms in the Pyramid of Userkaf indicate:
      • An artifact known as “Green Lucifer” rested here. 
      • Glyphs and text in this room depict:
        • Rule with caution, rule with care, for Lucifer is careless
        • Desecrate the land, destroy the fields, for Lucifer is utter.
        • Care for the fields, care for the land, for Lucifer is rich.
        • Rich treasure, careless destruction.
      • A hieroglyph of Ptah holding forth a short golden staff (perhaps a wand) trimmed in green is depicted near the text.  Green lines shoot out from the head of the staff (perhaps an emerald gemstone) towards the ground.
        • SG-21 realizes they saw a 2-3 foot long by 3-4 inches wide soft case swung over Eva Krauss’ back as she was retreating.  If memory servers, the case looked full.
  • SG-23 investigated the German war cemetery overlooking the Maleme airfield.  Investigation revealed the following information:
    • The crime took place overnight
    • Heavy machinery (probably back-hoes and small dump trucks) was apparently used.  A heavy rainstorm in the early morning washed away most evidence of that machinery; however SG-23 was able to determine the method of removal.
    • The vandals were indeed HOG agents.
    • The strange markings etched upon various gravestones and the cemetery front gates are a bad dialect of Goa’uld.  These markings are older than the date of the vandalism, but not by much.  HOG has apparently been marking the headstones for months or years prior to the actual vandalism.
    • The grave remains and dirt stolen from the cemetery were transported to the nearby airfield and airlifted via a large prop airplane to an unknown destination.  The prop airplane is now known to be owned by affiliates of HOG, and was once owned by the German military.  The airplane was decommissioned 7 years ago, and it is a cargo transport plane.
    • Soil samples of remaining dirt indicated no residual trace amounts of Naqua’dah. 
    • The heavy machinery seems to be the cause of the missing soil.  They apparently took the entire grave, and sorted things out later.